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Residence Units

  • Students in Residence Hall Room

    The Office of Residence Life has a wide variety of first-year and upperclassmen residence units to meet the comfort and budget of each student. Please use this section to see the available options for first-year and returning residents.
    Each of our residence units operates on a 9-month agreement, meaning that students move into the space in August of each year and move out of the space the following May. Students may apply for summer housing options each year in mid-late March. We also encourage students to examine their need for renter’s insurance with a parent/guardian.


    All residence halls and small properties come fully furnished, with styles differentiated depending on unit.


    Gannon University provides many support staff in the residence halls for students seeking assistance, guidance, or opportunities to get engaged in the Gannon community. Most properties have the following staff members directly in their building, or close by, to support the success of students at Gannon.

    • Resident Assistants (RAs): RAs are students who are highly engaged and successful at Gannon University and wish to help others connect with the campus community. RAs are there to help students find resources on campus, to be a mentor, and to be a listening ear. RAs go through extended training each year, and live in the residence halls. Our First-Year buildings have at least 1 RA living on each floor.
    • Resident Directors (RDs)/Area Coordinators (ACs): RDs are professional staff members who either have, or are currently pursuing a specialized post-secondary degree. Resident Directors serve as a resource for particular communities or buildings on campus, and have experience working with college students in a variety of capacities. RDs both live and work in their communities, and are there to help students with questions about interacting with the university; to help handle resident concerns; to help mentor and guide students; and to help students engage with the Gannon Community. Our First-Year Buildings each have a Resident Director whose office is located off the main lobby of the building.
    • Resident Campus Ministers (RCMs): RCMS are full-time professional staff members who work to help expand the Mission and Ministry of Gannon University. RCMs serve many different roles and functions to help students who need someone to talk with or confide in. Resident Campus Ministers live in the halls to help promote the spiritual and intellectual growth of our students living on campus. Our First-Year Buildings each have an RCM who resides in the building and works from an office in Keim Commons.