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Housing Costs

  • 2023-24 Housing Costs

    Please note that these costs are per semester based on nine-month contracts for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024. Cost includes an Activity fee, a Laundry Usage fee, and a Microfridge fee for Finegan, Wehrle & West Hall residents. All spaces come with internet, utilities and furniture included. Summer is not included in this Academic Year contract. Look out for information in the spring or contact for summer housing questions.

     Housing Type  Per Semester Cost
    Wehrle HallSingle Apartment: $4,000
    Single Room: $3,700
    Double: $3,500
    Finegan HallDouble: $3,900
    North HallSingle: $5,000
    Double: $4,600
    South Hall Single Apartment: $5,200
    Single Room: $5,000
    West Hall      Single: $3,500
    HarborviewSingle: $4,500
    Double: $4,300
    FreemanDouble: $3,900
    Lubiak Double: $3,900
    Kenilworth Single: $4,300
    Double: $4,000
    Walker Hall Single Apartment: $4,500 
    Single Room: $4,300
    Wickford Single Apartment: $4,500
    Single Room: $4,300
    Double Room: $3,900
    Catholic House

    Single Apartment: $4,300
    Single Room: $4,000
    Double $3,600

    302 MyrtleSingle Room: $3,700
    502 & 504 Sassafras StreetSingle Room: $3,900
    632 Sassafras StreetSingle Apartment: $4,500
    Double: $4,000
    724 Sassafras Street (PSS)Single Room: $3,700
    Double Room: $3,500
    608 Walnut StreetSingle Room: $3,600
    Double Room: $3,300
    221 West 5th StreetSingle Room: $3,900
    223 West 5th StreetSingle Room: $3,900
    253 West 5th Street (AST)Single Room: $3,700
    Double Room: $3,500
    301 West 5th StreetSingle Apartment: $4,500
    305 West 5th Street (DSP)Single Room: $3,700
    Double Room: $3,400
    201-205 West 8th Street    Single Apartment: $4,500
    Single Room: $4,300
    202-204 & 210 West 8th Street Single Apartment: $4,500
    Single Room: $4,300


    Housing Application Fee

    This is a one-time, non-refundable fee of $100 that is applied to an incoming student's first semester bill. There is nothing a student needs to pay beyond the enrollment deposit in order to complete the housing application.

    GU Connect Fee

    The GU Connect Fee of $165 is a recurring charge each semester for all students that live on campus to provide Gannon wireless internet in buildings. This fee is incorporated into a student's semester bill.