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A Catholic University

  • Believe It: Gannon is one of only 11 Diocesan Universities In America. (Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities)

  • Opening Mass

    Founded in the Catholic faith, Gannon University offers a variety of opportunities for you to deepen your understanding of your faith and act on your values. We welcome students and faculty from all faiths and beliefs, and we strive to offer an environment that prepares you to make professional and personal choices grounded in strong values and integrity.

    We believe our diverse community should be an example of tolerance, respect, understanding and enrichment. As such, you’ll find ample opportunities to serve others through volunteer projects on campus, in the community and across the nation. At Gannon, we view service to others not simply as something special to do. We see service as part of our daily responsibility to improving society and helping others.

    Benefits of a Catholic Education

    When students come to Gannon, they become part of a community that is guided by 2000 years of Christian wisdom and tradition. While students come from diverse religious backgrounds, and explore the world of contemporary ideas, the University is grounded in the Catholic vision of life – its meaning, its purpose, its value.

    • Students are surrounded by a strong faith community.  
    • Theological courses invite students to integrate theological values into professional and personal decisions.
    • Through Gannon's LIFECORE program, students experience and are encouraged to model a healthy spiritual lifestyle.
    • The University has a vibrant Campus Ministry office which provides opportunities for faith development.
    • The Gannon campus is nestled in a neighborhood of churches and temples.