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Gannon rolls out its first-ever branded team bus

Gannon's team bus has a new look

Gannon's team bus has a new look

Gannon University’s team bus has a new look. 

The university revealed its first-ever branded bus during a roll-out at 2:30 p.m. today at the iconic campus arch on West Seventh Street between Peach and Sassafras streets. 

After the reveal, the bus traveled to Gannon’s Recreation and Wellness Center, 130 W. Fourth St., to load the women’s swimming and diving team. Father Shane Matthew blessed the bus before the team departed for a meet at Edinboro University. 

Andrew Lapiska ’09M, Gannon’s creative and brand strategist and designer of the wrap, said the bus will make a bold statement that the Golden Knights have arrived when transporting student-athletes to the campuses of opponent athletic teams from now on. 

The 48-foot, 57-seat bus is leased from Coach USA, one of the largest transportation companies in North America. 

Doug Oathout, chief marketing and communication officer at Gannon, said he is grateful to Coach USA for its longstanding relationship with the university and for being flexibile throughout the project. 

The bus will be used to transport student-athletes as well as other student groups.

The project was a collaborative university effort that involved planning with athletics and Lapiska’s creative branding initiative in the Marketing and Communications Department. Lapiska said he worked with Leader Graphics, an Erie-based print solutions company, to create the wrap for the bus. 

“The shape and form of the bus gave us a unique palette to express our brand and invoke a sense of school spirit and pride in both our student-athletes and students,” Lapiska said.  

Lapiska said the design process required a lot of intentionality. “The positioning of our Golden Knight – the logo representing Gannon Athletics – was key. It is positioned so that he is always moving forward, an offensive stance fearlessly accelerating toward whatever lies ahead,” he said. 

David Brzuz, visual communications consultant at Leadership Graphics, said Gannon should be proud to showcase a piece like this to the community. 

“Our experience with Gannon was wonderful. I think this project is something everyone involved can be proud of. It showcases our talents and represents our company well. It’s an incredible branding piece and will be seen by thousands of people. The students should be proud to arrive and depart on a bus that looks like it should be from a division I school. It shows Gannon’s commitment to their student-athletes and others,” Brzuz said. 

Oathout said he is excited not just for Gannon’s athletic teams, but for the university as a whole. 

“Everyone at some point – whether through sports or off-campus programs – will have the opportunity to use the bus at some point. The fine works of Leader Graphics and Andy Lapiska is going to make for a very positive image for our university,” Oathout said.

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