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Gannon Family Called to Join in Solidarity and Support of Syria and Turkey

Published: 02/09/2023

Mary, Seat of Wisdom Chapel at Gannon University

Mary, Seat of Wisdom Chapel at Gannon University

A message to the Gannon community from Fr. Michael Kesicki, Gannon University Chaplain:

The reports from Syria and Turkey are terrible. On February 6, a large earthquake struck Turkey and Syria with a magnitude of 7.8, one of the largest to hit Turkey in recent times and striking areas of Syria already devastated by years of war. On the same day, the region suffered a second earthquake with 7.7 magnitude. The death toll is over 11,000 and climbing. Apartments and schools have been leveled and many hospitals are not able to function.

Today, I invite you to join in solidarity with Syria and Turkey as you feel called and able.  Here are three ways to join together:

Erie Campus:

  1. Mass: the Community Mass at 11:05am in Mary, Seat of Wisdom Chapel will be offered in suffrage for the victims of the earthquakes.  We join our prayers to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ in union with the prayer of the Church throughout the world.  Your presence and prayer contribute more than you know when joined to the prayer of the Mass.  Alumni in town are welcome to join.
  2. Moment of Silence: during the Global Coffee Hour (3-4 pm in the common space of 2nd-Beyer) we will pause for a moment of silence in remembrance of the suffering of Syria and Turkey and in support of our global students who may be connected to this tragedy.  This will happen at 3:40pm. 

Ruskin Campus: 

Students, faculty, and staff are invited to pause at 3:40pm in solidarity with our global students in Erie for a moment of silence.  Depending on the demands of your classes and clinicals, cohorts are certainly welcome to take a moment of silence at another time.

Everyone:  consider a donation to agencies that provide necessary aid:  food, water and hygiene supplies.  We are collecting donations through the Gannon Fund here.

  • Designation: Please select “Other”
  • Other Designation:  Please enter “Syria-Turkey”

Gannon donations will be sent to Catholic Relief Services and L’Œuvre d’Orient, two highly reliable and effective agencies that have a long history of supporting this area.

“Let us pray, O God, you are the rock and sturdy shelter of us all.  Give protection and shelter to all those who lost their homes, receive into your love those who have died, and comfort all those who mourn.  Receive our prayers in your providence that we may love those who grieve and be united with those who provide care and assistance.  Strengthen us in our generosity and humility.”

All media inquiries can be made by contacting Haley Figurski, Media Relations and Marketing Manager, at 814-823-1886.