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Gannon Deans engage in ATHENA Women’s Leadership Day

Published: 10/07/2022

Gannon Deans Dr. Sarah Ewing, Dr. Lori Lindley and Dr. Karinna Vernaza

Gannon Deans Dr. Sarah Ewing, Dr. Lori Lindley and Dr. Karinna Vernaza

Each year, more than one hundred communities across ATHENA International’s global footprint celebrate ATHENA International Women’s Leadership Day. The ATHENA Women's Leadership Luncheon brings together established and emerging leaders for an afternoon to collaborate, build relationships, and learn from each other. 

ATHENA Erie hosted their 2022 event on September 29, featuring keynote speaker Gwendolyn White, CEO Action for Racial Equity Fellow, Erie Insurance. 

Notably among those engaged in this year’s annual celebration were Gannon’s three deans, Dr. Sarah Ewing, Dean of the Morosky College of Health Professions and Sciences; Dr.  Lori Lindley, Dean of the College of Humanities, Education and Social Science; and Dr. Karinna Vernaza, Dean of the College of Engineering and Business

ATHENA Erie is comprised of dedicated volunteers representing a diverse group of professional men and women committed to supporting the leadership of women and inspiring women to achieve their full business and professional potential.”

The ATHENA Leadership Model tenets are a main component of the event, providing a model for 21st Century Leadership. Programs are focused on supporting, developing and honoring women leaders in our region, with the tenets including: 

Authentic Self: By understanding my values, beliefs, and behaviors, I am authentic. I consistently accept personal responsibility and embrace opportunity with optimism. I believe in myself and my potential and honor my uniqueness.

Relationships: I venture beyond myself connecting with and accepting others. I appreciate the talents and gifts that different individuals offer and access ways of knowing, inviting and embracing others.

Giving Back: I am committed to serving my colleagues, community, and the world. I recognize that through service I am renewed and revitalized. I contribute to changing society for the greater good.

Collaboration: I reach out beyond what I can achieve on my own and promote a powerful belief in others. I create conditions that invite and encourage people to develop and contribute their own gifts.

Courageous Acts: I possess the courage to speak the truth, test relationships and confront traditional thinking. I embrace the necessity for initiating change and the risks that go along with it. I will stand up, stand firm and do the right thing.

: I challenge myself to be open to what is new and unfamiliar, continually expanding and developing my knowledge, skills, and experiences. I carry out the teacher-learner relationship. 

Fierce Advocacy: With a respect and compassion for others, I generate a force for good that will not be stopped or deterred. My quest is for a just and humane society.

Celebration & Joy: I take pleasure in my work and accomplishments. I celebrate life with exuberance and look forward with a sense of hope and purpose.

Founded in 1982 by Martha Mayhood Mertz, ATHENA International is a non-profit organization that seeks to support, develop and honor women leaders.  The program inspires women to reach their full potential and strives to create balance in leadership worldwide. 

All media inquiries can be made by contacting Haley Figurski, Media Relations and Marketing Manager, at 814-823-1886.