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Knights experience Yellowstone through travel course in biology

Published: 07/18/2022

Yellowstone trip 2022, photo courtesy of Kendall McGarity.

Yellowstone trip 2022, photo courtesy of Kendall McGarity.

Gannon’s Ecology of Yellowstone National Park (Biology 384) is a travel course offered each summer. 

The biology department at Gannon believes that an acquaintance with a variety of ecological habitats and experiences is important as a way of supporting the true meaning of a liberal studies education. It is the purpose of this travel-study program to introduce students to a variety of ecological learning experiences that enhance one’s awareness and education background.

Students examine many aspects of Yellowstone National Park including grizzly bears, wolf reintroduction, the impact of fires, geysers and past volcanic activity, geological history including earthquakes, and the herbivores of the park (bison, moose, antelope, and elk.) One day is even spent at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman reviewing the dinosaur exhibit and getting a behind-the-scenes tour.

Course objectives for the class include:

  • To study the fauna and flora of Yellowstone National Park Ecosystem.
  • To study the geological history and volcanic processes native to Yellowstone National Park Ecosystem.
  • To investigate current issues involved in the management of the Yellowstone National Park Ecosystem.

Learn more about biology at Gannon and the annual summer biological travel study - open to all majors - here


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