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Gannon University, CHOSEN launch Gannon Wellness Clinic at C.M.P Outreach Pavilion

Published: 04/29/2022

Gannon Wellness Clinic at C.M.P. Outreach Pavilion, CHOSEN

Gannon Wellness Clinic at C.M.P. Outreach Pavilion, CHOSEN

A partnership between Gannon University and CHOSEN Inc. has launched the Gannon Wellness Clinic at CHOSEN Mission Project Outreach Pavilion, as announced during a celebratory ceremony this week.

The Gannon Wellness Clinic at C.M.P. Outreach Pavilion is a collaborative effort between CHOSEN and Gannon University’s physical therapy, occupational therapy and other rehabilitative science program faculty and students to provide medical equipment and education to community members.

The Gannon Wellness Clinic is based within CHOSEN Inc., an Erie-based organization located at 3638 W. 26th St. with offices, distribution center and warehouse where medical equipment is refurbished and distributed to local homes as well as clinics and hospitals around the world.

The clinic welcomes underserved community members who may not have the insurance to purchase needed medical equipment or who remain on waiting lists. Gannon faculty and students collaborate to assess clients’ individual medical needs before recommending the proper equipment – from power wheelchairs, to canes, to wound care supplies and more – and educating them on proper usage.

Sarah Ewing, Ph.D., dean of the Morosky College of Health Professions and Sciences, spoke to the significance of the initiative.

“I could not be more proud of our students and faculty for their dedication to serving their community and engaging in their learning in a manner that can transform the lives of so many others, promote well-being in the community, and inspire individuals to become their best selves,” Ewing said. “I also share my deep appreciation to CHOSEN for their support of our students and their education through providing a vision and this wonderful and unique space to continue to transform individuals locally and across the globe.”

Gannon University first partnered with CHOSEN in 2020 to bring interprofessional educational experiences to occupational and physical therapy students while delivering on the need for health care equipment and enhancing the lives of those in Erie and around the world. The initiatives are guided by Gannon’s Constance Lewis, PT, DPT, assistant teaching professor of physical therapy, and Karen Probst, OTD, assistant professor of occupational therapy.

Since the partnership was formed, students have participated in making medical equipment and educational resources widely available to those in need while completing program coursework requirements. The partnership has also led Gannon’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program students on a trip to Valladolid, Mexico in 2021 to provide pro bono physical therapy services to community members. 

Lewis said students’ experiences with CHOSEN teaches a social responsibility to the larger public to respond to societal needs in the realm of health and wellness.

“Students are reminded that we have a duty to positively influence the health of society and that placing the needs of others, including the devotion of time, is an important aspect of what we believe. Students working at CHOSEN learn to collaborate outside of the classroom, which is a lifelong skill they will use in their future career,” Lewis said.

Rick King, director of CHOSEN, said he is excited about the growing potential in CHOSEN’s partnership with Gannon.

“It takes many people in this community to reach the needs of the people,” he said. “Together, we can move a mountain. We just want to help people and to create in them a sense of honor in their ability to be mobile. With Gannon walking alongside us, we can do that.”

Gannon University first opened its Pro Bono Physical Therapy Clinic in 2011 and the Little Knights Pro Bono Occupational Therapy Clinic in 2019 to provide therapy services to underserved and underinsured community members. The new Gannon Wellness Clinic at C.M.P. Outreach Pavilion builds on these efforts to serve patients in specific need of medical equipment.

See more from the announcement ceremony on Gannon's Facebook page.

About CHOSEN Inc.

CHOSEN Inc. is a nonprofit Christian ministry with offices, distribution center and warehouse on West 26th Street in Erie, Pa. Although its hub has a zip code of 16506, for the past 52 years, CHOSEN has been dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals worldwide. What started as the donation of one sterilizer to a hospital in South Korea in 1969, CHOSEN has grown to fulfill the needs of Christian hospitals in economically deprived situations or underdeveloped countries by providing refurbished or medical equipment to more than 111 different countries (signifying nearly 60% of the globe's UN recognized population).

Under the leadership of CHOSEN’s current director, Richard King, CHOSEN has developed relationships with the hospitals who receive the equipment to offer short-term medical and non-medical mission trip opportunities across international borders. Numerous local physicians, therapy specialists and students have taken part in this mission.

Additionally, CHOSEN coordinates acts of service in the tri-state area through ramp builds, shoe drives and the distribution (by and for donation) of durable home health care items such as wheelchairs and walkers. CHOSEN recognizes the inherent dignity and craftmanship of every individual, created in God's image, and seeks to restore and support their mobility and worth. 

All media inquiries can be made by contacting Haley Figurski, Media Relations and Marketing Manager, at 814-823-1886.