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10 Ways to Observe Earth Day

Published: 04/22/2022

Photo by Nadya Makay for The Gannon Knight

Photo by Nadya Makay for The Gannon Knight

Each year on April 22, Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. 

1. Learn about the “Urban Heat Island Effect.”

This occurs in cities with dense concentrations of pavement, buildings, and other heat-absorbing and retaining surfaces. It can lead to increased energy costs (air conditioning), air pollution, and heat-related illnesses. The Nash Library’s green roof effectively combats this effect by absorbing and removing heat from the air and reducing the temperatures of the roof’s surface and the surrounding air.

Did you know: that another way libraries just like Nash are helping reduce the carbon footprint is by providing thousands of online resources. Save on gas today and check something out from the closest green space to you! 

2. Be on the lookout for bees.

Bees were recently the star of the show for a CHESS Speaker Series event, bringing local beekeeper Connie Walker to campus alongside Gannon’s Martha Kosir, Ph.D. and Leigh Forbes, Ed.D. According to Gannon’s School of Education, they’ll be playing a large part in the Gannon Goodwill Garden ecosystem soon.

3. Meet Gannon alum Kristal Ambrose ’16, also known as ‘Kristal Ocean.’

She’s an environmental scientist studying marine debris and plastic pollution in The Bahamas. Ambrose recently released of her first children's book inspired by her journey of inspiration and activism with Bahamas Plastic Movement



4. Reminisce about GIVE Day (or Day of Caring), and make plans for your next service experience.

The spirit of Gannon’s Invitation to Volunteer Everywhere - where annually thousands of Knights spread throughout our communities providing services like beach clean up here in Erie and in Florida, neighborhood maintenance, and much more - doesn’t have to be contained to just a few days. 



5. Take notes from Gannon’s Environmental Science Program or Environmental Club.

Gannon’s environmental science program makes a difference for our environment and protects human health by identifying environmental problems through research and data collection. Students in these programs create positive change for our climate with their studies. 



6. Take in the art in nature with these shots from The Gannon Knight

7. Read “Earth Day,” by Jane Yolen, shared by the GU English department. 

I am the Earth

And the Earth is me

Each blade of grass,

Each honey tree,

Each bit of mud,

And stick and stone,

Is blood and muscle

Skin and bone. 

8. Read on Friendship Green. 

9. Take a walk on Presque Isle. 

10. Visit and learn the origins of today’s observance. 

Bonus: travel the world and learn more about our Earth with Gannon's Center for Social Concerns and Global Exploration or Gannon Learning Abroad!

There are hundreds of ways to observe and honor Earth Day at Gannon and across the globe. How will you choose to celebrate? Tag us @gannonu to let us know. 

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