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Gannon University is #GUthankful this holiday season

Published: 11/22/2021

Be thankful for all things.

Be thankful for all things.

‘Tis the season to be thankful. Gannon University is celebrating its annual #GUThankful campaign, which shares responses from employees and students around campus on the reasons they are thankful this holiday season.

Listed below are reasons why some of our students and employees are thankful:

Matthew King, Multimedia Specialist, says, “I am thankful to be working in a place that I get to do what I love to do, and for all my colleagues that make this a great place to work at.”

Sophie Clark, senior English and secondary education major, says, “I am beyond thankful for my family and their support in pursuing my dream even though I’m so far away from home.”

Lisa Hoch, assistant to the vice presidents for student experience and strategy and campus operations is thankful for, “Being able to see the amazing young adults my children have become and to share each day with them.”

Olivia Hahner, senior journalism communications, advertising communication and public relations major, is thankful for, “the lifelong friendship and leadership skills Gannon has given me.”

Nicole Clement, senior English major, is thankful for, “all the opportunities that Gannon has offered to me are leading to my future goals, and for all of my friends that I have made that push me to be the greatest version of myself.”

Ashley Caldwell, administrative secretary to the provost and vice president for student experience, is thankful for, “each sunrise that promises another day of opportunity, which challenges me to be my best self while treasuring and building upon the relationships in my tribe.”

Mallory Bottoni, marketing and communication specialist, says, “I am thankful to work among such supportive and caring colleagues, and for the opportunity to give back at my alma mater, helping to inspire students the same way my mentors inspired me when I attended.”

Madyson Wakeley, junior English and secondary education major, says, “This year, I am thankful that my family is able to be together to celebrate the holidays.”  

Reed Coulson, senior freshwater and marine biology major, says, “I am thankful for my friends and family.”