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Gannon's Nicole Lavery, MS, OTR/L Published in OT Practice Magazine

Published: 07/08/2021

OT Practice, July 2021 Issue Cover

OT Practice, July 2021 Issue Cover

"Participation Matters: Children With Visual Impairments and Sports," by Gannon occupational therapy assistant professor Dr. Nicole Lavery, MS, OTR/L, was published in OT Practice magazine's July edition. Read an excerpt below and log in to AOTA's site for the full article and issue. 

"Take a brief moment to look around your environment. What do you see? Are you on a computer? Holding the magazine in your hand? Are there any pictures of people in the magazine? What are they doing? How are they feeling? How do these images make you feel?

Now, take a moment and close your eyes and imagine the same environment, but without sight. Can you see where you are? How do you read or type? How do you see pictures or understand emotions? How would you participate in what is, seemingly, this easy task?

Children with visual impairments (VI) struggle with this monumental task every day: How to participate in and within different contexts and environments, including school; community; socialization; afterschool activities, such as sports and clubs; and even forming friendships."

Read the full article hosted by the American Occupational Therapy Association online here

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