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Earn Certifications in College: 14 Gannon University Students Earn the Extreme Networks Certification

Published: 06/25/2021

Travis Newcamp, 2021 Graduate of Gannon's Information Systems Program

Travis Newcamp, 2021 Graduate of Gannon's Information Systems Program

Today’s students need hands-on, practical instruction that they can immediately apply to their careers. At Gannon University, we’re delivering on this need by partnering with Extreme Networks to provide students relevant industry certification to prepare them for their future.

Embedding Industry Certification in Academic Courses

Gannon University and its partner, Extreme Networks has provided access to an academic curriculum designed to educate aspiring cyber and IT professionals on networking, security, and cloud fundamentals, as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

 The curriculum is embedded into Gannon’s undergraduate and graduate engineering and computing programs and offers certification training modules that are providing students with industry certifications as they complete their courses.

 After students complete the initial introduction to networking course, they prepare for the exam to earn the certification.  “It is good for an entry level network position,” said Bharat Rawalkshatriya, Ph.D., associate professor for cybersecurity.

 This training is worth thousands of dollars but is no additional cost for students. As construction in Gannon’s Institute for Health and Cyber Knowledge continues, the classes for this certification will soon be taken in the new third floor space, The Hatchery, where Extreme Networks’ Extreme Academy lab will be located.

 “(This) program helps individuals gain real-world skills for today’s digital economy,” said Susantha Herath, Ph.D., associate dean of the College of Engineering and Business. “Students get the opportunity to gain networking or IT knowledge using an interactive and immersive learning environment.”

Earning Certifications While in College

Travis Newcamp, a 2021 graduate of Gannon’s information systems program, is one of 14 Gannon students who became the first in the country to earn industry-specific certifications through Gannon’s partnership with Extreme Networks.

“As a student, we have all decided to pursue a greater education that distinguishes ourselves from the rest of the job pool,” Newcamp said of his decision to complete the training. He’s already differentiated himself in the job market, using his education and credentials to secure a career in his field before graduation.

Newcamp said the certificate will benefit him in his new technical role and is already experiencing the impact of this business partnership.

“Knowing how information travels is extremely important in troubleshooting different kinds of machines. We all have phones, laptops and other machines, and learning how they communicate is so important. (This certification) sets me and my colleagues apart because it conveys a stronger desire to learn and improve ourselves.”