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Gannon University Introduces New Writing Major

Published: 06/04/2021

Students Attending Class

Students Attending Class

Gannon University’s English department is introducing a new Bachelor of Arts in Writing that focuses on creative writing, writing in digital environments, and writing for social change.

A writing degree leads students to different career choices in any field. The new writing program is meant to tailor students' academic experience to their professional interests and goals. Students can also pursue a second major option to gain knowledge of a particular discipline to complement their writing skills.

Laura Rutland, the chair of the English department, said that, “We hope that the program will be a great opportunity for students who want to focus solely on writing as a professional career choice, and we believe the program will provide an excellent second major for students who want to beef up their professional credentials with demonstrated writing skills. It also includes courses offered, not only by the English department, but by other departments as well. We hope this will be an exciting new option or students.”

Students in this program can be involved in Gannon University’s Totem literary magazine, The Gannon Knight campus newspaper, or join in on workshops and readings from famous poets.

Writing is very important in a lot of job fields today. Having this new writing program will help students achieve great work ethic while expanding their use of writing.

Anna Brink, an English major said that “Writing means a lot to me because I’m able to express myself creatively, share new ideas and concepts with people. Whether it is in a creative piece or an academic piece I’m working on, I always find that the planning that goes into writing is my favorite part.”

Another student, Petra Shearer, said that, “My writing - creatively and academically - and my critical thinking capabilities have been strengthened through this program. I have been able to express myself and push my imagination beyond what I thought possible.”

Gannon's writing program offers a start date of Fall 2021. Apply today at