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Gannon University Hosts 16th Annual GIS Mapping Exhibit

Published: 05/04/2021

Gannon student Ryan Vessels, presenting on his mapping on Crime in Harlem, NY

Gannon student Ryan Vessels, presenting on his mapping on Crime in Harlem, NY

Gannon University hosted its 16th Annual GIS Mapping Exhibit on April 27 to showcase 34 students’ community mapping projects through a series of presentations.

These projects are developed through introductory- and senior-level GIS classes taught by Chris Magno, Ph.D., associate professor in criminal justice, social work and environmental science and engineering.

Students coordinated with community partners – including Our West Bayfront with Director Anna Frantz – to develop projects that hold real-world application. Projects benefit topic areas including local neighborhoods, Gannon University, the City of Erie, health, environment, public schools and business.

Among notable projects were:

  • “Our West Bayfront Security Camera and Crime” by Christine Nutter: Using crime data from the Erie

    Police Department and security camera data from Erie business establishments, this research analyzes the

    crime hotspots around Our West Bayfront and identifies new locations for security cameras.

  • “Women’s Healthcare in Erie County” by Kathleen Greer and Alyssa Drehs: Using Geographic

    Information System as a tool for analysis and comparison, students analyzed the relationship between

    income and accessible health care for women in Erie country.

  • “City of Erie Solar Panel Implementation” by Chad Studvick: Using GIS and the information provided from Project Sunroof, the research provides information on the best locations to implement solar panels in the Erie2030 target area ... The research aims to make Erie rely less on fossil fuels to reduce carbon emissions and lessen the effects of climate change in this area.

Magno said the impact of the exhibit was apparent during and after the event.

“I received an email from (the) executive director of Crime Victim Center asking for a copy of the poster map on ‘Sex Crimes and Poverty in Erie,’” Magno said. “During the event, the Erie Police Department requested copies of projects that relate to ‘Security Cameras and Crime’ ... These are only a few of the many relationships and partnerships that have been bridged and created during and after the event.”

Magno added the Franz is hiring one of his students as a summer intern to continue some of the mapping projects for Our West Bayfront.

“We always appreciate the involvement of Dr. Magno’s students in collecting and analyzing neighborhood-level data that we use to help guide our decision-making and project development,” Franz said.