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Program Highlight: Occupational Therapy Doctorate

Published: 04/29/2021

Students in Gannon's Occupational Therapy Doctorate program.

Students in Gannon's Occupational Therapy Doctorate program.

April is occupational therapy month, and we’re celebrating by recognizing this essential profession.

Occupational therapy is a unique profession that is offered across multiple contexts to help people across the lifespan live meaningful, fulfilled lives. Occupational therapy takes a holistic approach to recovery that increases health and wellbeing by adapting tasks and environments that promote meaningful participation in everyday activities. 

Students can pursue an occupational therapy doctorate program at Gannon. The OTD program differs from other degree options due to its focus on research for students. Students must also complete a Doctoral Specialty Internship that goes beyond the requirements of fieldwork. Leadership opportunities are also available throughout the program.

Professors in Gannon’s Ruskin campus OTD program create a unique experience for students. Most professors are actively practicing occupational therapists, so they try to form close relations with the students to help them in the field. Small class sizes encourage close student-faculty interaction, and an open-door policy makes professors more available to students.

Click here to learn more about Gannon’s OTD program in Ruskin.