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Program Highlight: Computer and Information Science

Published: 03/31/2021

Center for Business Ingenuity

Center for Business Ingenuity

Computer and information science has been one of the most dynamic fields in recent decades. With growing demand for computing professionals, Gannon's computer and informatin science program is designed to provide advanced studies for those who wish to continue preparation for effective participation in computing professions. The program provides continuing education in advanced subjects for CIS professionals who wish to stay abreast of the rapidly changing technological world. Emphasis is placed on the development of the student's skill for independent study and continued professional growth.

Gannon’s Master of Science in Computer and Information Science offers students three options: information technology, data science and software engineering, which allow the student to select a technology, analytical or a practical and applied focus for the application of computing technologies.

Each option consists of 30 credits of graduate work beyond the foundation’s series, and each specifies its own foundations series courses. The specific courses of study for each option is described below. 

At the conclusion of any of the programs of study leading to the degree of Master of Science in Computer and Information Science, the graduate is able to:

  1. Elicit, document, and analyze the requirements for software systems
  2. Obtain a comprehension of the evolving technology and its ramifications
  3. Identify, plan, and manage the schedule and risks for the activities involved in software-based systems development
  4. Provide a research contribution or development of value to the profession, industry or society
  5. Exhibit skills to support continued development and improvement of their professional abilities
  6. Exhibit skills necessary to make ethical decisions as a moral and conscientious individual and as a citizen of their professions, their society, and their place of employment

Celebrating our Notable Faculty
Many of the CIS department successes and program achievements are due to our faculty leaders. We’re celebrating Deacon Steve Frezza, Ph.D., professor and chair of the computer and information science program, who will be retiring from Gannon after 26 years of service. We’re grateful for his hard work and dedication as one of our many valued faculty members.

Click here to read more about Frezza and his career journey and accomplishements.