Student Success Center

  • Student Success Center
  • The Student Success Center  (SSC) provides support services, including academic advising, career counseling, tutoring, programming, and resources for students at Gannon University. The SSC staff uses a proactive, developmental advising model which promotes student success by assisting students in identifying and removing obstacles to learning. The SSC serves as the primary resource for academic support and referral, and is committed to assisting students with resolving academic concerns, meeting educational and career goals, and connecting to campus resources. Our offices work together to help students thrive within the University community.

    Academic Advising Center

    The Academic Advising Center (AAC) is committed to the holistic development and growth of each student who comes to the AAC. The AAC utilizes a student-centered approach to supporting students when providing academic assistance. Upon entering Gannon University, all students are assigned an academic adviser who serves as the personal link to the student’s Academic Department.

    Career Development and Employment Services

    Gannon offers career development and job-related assistance to students and alumni including help with changing a major, developing a resume, conducting a job search, tips for job interviews, assistance with graduate school applications and career advice.

    Commonwealth Academic Achievement Program/Act 101 (C.A.A.P./Act 101)

    The C.A.A.P./Act 101 Program is a component of the Student Success Center and is located in the PAC, Suite 1007. The C.A.A.P./Act 101 Program is funded by the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency and Gannon University and provides academic support services to Pennsylvania students who meet program eligibility requirements.

    Disability Support Services

    The Office of Disability and Support Services assists eligible students in receiving basic services free-of-charge as determined by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disability Act. Every effort is made to arrange appropriate accommodations based on a student’s disability.

    Experiential Education

    The Center for Experiential Education is committed to preparing students for placement and assisting them in securing quality internship, co-op, and shadowing experiences which will provide them the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their field of interest.

    Math Center

    All Gannon students, regardless of major, are invited to take advantage of the free tutoring services available through the Mathematics Center. Students may sign up to meet one-on-one with a Mathematics Center peer tutor for any mathematics course, including Algebra for Business Students, Calculus I & II, and Applied Statistics. Online tutoring, in addition to traditional in-person sessions, can also be scheduled through the Mathematics Center.

    Program for Students with Learning Disabilities

    Gannon University has a special program for students who possess average to gifted intellectual potential and high motivation, have been diagnosed with a learning disability or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and are otherwise qualified for admission to the University.

    Speech Communication Center

    The Speech Communication Center works in cooperation with the Department of Theatre, Communication and Fine Arts and provides assistance in speech development for both written outlines and verbal presentations. During the consultation session, students may receive guidance in areas including selecting an appropriate topic, developing an introduction, formulating a thesis, organizing researched support, preparing a conclusion, improving confidence in delivery, practicing with use of visual aids and reducing speech anxiety.

    Student Support Services TRIO

    The Student Support Services (SSS) Program is a federally funded program designed to help students maximize their skills and to assist them in working more effectively toward graduation. In collaboration with other offices at Gannon University, the SSS Program provides students with assistance in their transition to university life by offering academic, financial, career and personal guidance.

    Each student involved with the program is assigned a Student Support Services adviser. Students will meet with their SSS adviser on a regular basis to address academic, financial, career or personal concerns. Together, they will develop an Individual Student Success Plan that will provide the student with the resources he/she will need to be a successful Gannon student.  

    Tutoring Center

    The Tutorial Services Program offers free peer tutoring to Gannon undergraduates during the academic school year. Students who need tutoring should come to the Student Success Center, Suite 1007 anytime between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, to complete an application. In general, private and group tutoring are available on a first-come/first-served basis to students. C.A.A.P./Act 101 students, first semester freshmen, and undergraduates with GPAs lower than 2.0 receive high priority for individual tutoring.

    Writing Center

    The Writing Center is staffed by members of the English department and skilled peer consultants who are trained to assist students from every discipline, whether they are undergraduate or graduate, fluent in English or learning a second language. Consultants provide one-on-one conferencing directed toward a stronger comprehension of the writing process. The writer may be seeking ideas, working on a first draft, or doing the final editing. Throughout the conference, the consultant makes sure that the writer is in control of the paper and thinking independently. In pursuing these goals, consultants may raise questions about thesis statements, voice and tone, organization, and development. Once these areas have been discussed, consultants move on to help writers with issues of style, punctuation, grammar, spelling, and documentation.

  • Student Success Center

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