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    Shakespeare Summer Nights 2016 Returns to the Lake Erie Arboretum in Frontier Park!

    Shakespeare Summer Nights returns to perform at the Lake Erie Arboretum in Frontier Park.  This summer we will be performing William Shakespeare's HAMLET and Lee Blessing's FORTINBRAS.  Shows will be performed in rep.  HAMLET, adapted and directed by Jessica Flock, will perform July 11, 13, and 19.  FORTINBRAS, directed by Alaina Manchester, will perform July 12, 18, and 20.  Admission for all performances is FREE.  We invite you to bring a lawn chair or blanket and come enjoy theatre in the park.  All performances begin at 7pm.  In the event of rain, performances will be held at the Schuster Theatre located at 620 Sassafras Street.


    HAMLET directed by Jessica Flock  

    Bernardo/ Player Queen/Laertes – Jenna Sulecki
    Marcellus/ Fortinbras/Player King  - Zak Westfall
    King Claudius – Steve Dejohn
    Lord Polonius/Horatio – Domenic Del Greco
    Hamlet – Michael Haas
    Queen Gertrude –
    Emily Olszewski
    Ophelia – Megan Hamm
    Reynaldo/ First Clown – BJ Waide
    Voltimand/Second Clown – Antonia Flamini
    Hamlet Sr. (Ghost)/Corenlius/Captain/Osric – Michael Leone
    Rosencrantz – Jesse Olszewski
    Guildenstern – Karalyn Headley


    FORTINBRAS directed by Alaina Manchester

    Fortinbras- Zak Westfall 
    Horatio-Michael Leone
    Osric-Antonia Flamini
    Ophelia-Jenna Sulecki
    Hamlet- Jesse Olszewski
    Polonius/Bernardo- Karalyn Headley
    Claudius-Chase Miles
    Gertrude- BJ Waide
    Captain- Steve Dejohn
    Polish Maiden 1/ Laertes- Emily Olszewski
    Polish Maiden 2/ English Ambassador-Megan Hamm
    Marcellus- Michael Haas

    For questions and information, please contact Fr. Shawn Clerkin at 

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