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Celebrating Respectfully

  • Gannon University’s Commencement is presented each year with the goal of creating a celebratory event for each graduate and their guests.  This year we would like you to help us achieve this goal for our students.

    Last year we heard from students, parents and grandparents who felt that the Commencement ceremony experience was diminished because of the behavior of a few classmates.   Graduates and guests were rude or disruptive during the ceremony, and many of the graduates left immediately after they left the stage.  These behaviors on Commencement Day do affect the people around you—guests, faculty, the dais party, speakers and performers, and, most importantly, your fellow graduates.  Please be mindful of your fellow graduates.  By remaining in your seat until the conclusion of the ceremony and by refraining from making disruptive noise during the ceremony, you can ensure that you are not interfering with anyone else’s experience of the event.

    The following are not permitted at any Commencement Ceremony by graduates or their guests:

    • Food, cans, bottles, or beverages other than water
    • Alcohol or controlled substances
    • Confetti, toys, fireworks, signs, noisemakers
    • Balloons
    • Standing on chairs

    Commencement is first and foremost a formal ceremony that is rich in symbolism and tradition, and it serves an important transition that recognizes an enormous achievement.  We want all of our graduates to enjoy this event and to have wonderful memories of a very important day in their lives.