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  • ROTC Commissioning Ceremony

    Welcome to the 2020 Commissioning Ceremony for the Pride of Pennsylvania. Although this year has a new format, the honor of this ceremony remains the same. Please join us as we celebrate the commissioning of these exceptional Cadets.

    2020 Commissioned Students

    • 2LT Daniel C. Bridge | Field Artillery | Armor
    • 2LT Justin M. Cavallaro | Armor | Active Duty
    • 2LT Dante A. Cerimele | Infantry | Active Duty
    • 2LT Anthony B. Emmi | JAG | Syracuse Law School
    • 2LT Caitlyn E. Eschweiler | Military Police | Active Duty
    • 2LT Megan E. Lang | Chemical Corps | Active Duty
    • 2LT Molly M. Oldach | Ordinance Corps | Active Duty
    • 2LT Michael F. Scarpello | Armor | Active Duty
    • 2LT Camille L. Schiminger | Nurse Corps | Active Duty
    • 2LT Joshua T. Slawatycki | Quartermaster Corps | Active Duty
    • 2LT Tawnee Stacy | Quartermaster Corps | Reserve Duty
    • 2LT Georgie C. Warren | Adjutant General

    Honored Guest Speaker

    CSM Ralph E. Veppert

    Army Reserve Ambassador Ralph E. Veppert is retired from the State of Ohio after 30 years of service.  Ambassador Veppert holds an AAB in Data Processing from Jefferson Technical College (now Eastern Gateway Community College) and a Certificate in Interpreting/Transliterating (American Sign Language) from Columbus State Community College.  He is a graduate of Class 27 (Non-Resident), United States Army Sergeants Major Academy and the Command Sergeants Major Course, United States Army Sergeants Major Academy. 

    After holding key positions in CSM, 3rd Brigade, Great Lakes Division, 75th Training Command, CSM, 643rd Regional Support Group, CSM, 718th Transportation Battalion, Chemical Operations Sergeant Major, and 21st Theater Support Command, Command Sergeant Major Veppert retired from military service on September 20, 2014 after 35 years of service.

    In addition to being the Army Reserve Ambassador, CSM Veppert is the Central Ohio Chapter of the Association of the United States Army President, a life member of Veterans of Foreign Wars and a member of the American Legion

    CSM Veppert is married to Tamera "TJ" Veppert, LSW.

    Cadet Battalion Command/Staff

    Battalion Commander
    C/LTC - Justin Cavallaro

    Battalion Executive Officer
    C/MAJ - Dante Cerimele            

    Command Sergeant Major
    C/CSM - Caitlyn Eschweiler

    Battalion S-1
    C/CPT - Morgan York

    Battalion S-2
    C/CPT - Tim Murtha
    C/CPT - Molly Oldach    

    Battalion S-3
    C/MAJ - Michael Scarpello
    C/CPT - Tawnee Stacey
    C/CPT - Georgie Warren
    C/CPT - Daniel Bridge   

    Battalion S-4
    C/CPT - Joshua Slawatycki         

    Battalion PAOs                                 
    C/CPT- Camille Schiminger                    

    Battalion S-6
    C/CPT - Diamond King

    Behrend Company
    C/CPT  -Krista Kelyman

    Gannon Company
    C/CPT -Megan Lang

    Mercyhurst Company
    C/CPT -Anthony Emmi

    Class of 2020 Branch & Duty

    Gannon University

    • Justin Cavallaro* | Armor | Active Duty
    • Megan Lang | Chemical Corps | Active Duty
    • Molly Oldach | Ordnance Corps | Army Reserve
    • Camille Schiminger* | Nurse Corps | Active Duty

    Mercyhurst University

    • Daniel Bridge | Field Artillery | Active Duty
    • Dante Cerimele* | Infantry | Active Duty
    • Anthony Emmi* | Syracuse Law School | Active Duty
    • Caitlyn Eschweiler* | Military Police | Active Duty
    • Michael Scarpello* | Armor | Active Duty
    • Joshua Slawatycki* | Quartermaster Corps | Army Reserve
    • Tawnee Stacey | Quartermaster Corps | Army Reserve
    • Georgie Warren* | Adjutant General Corps | Active Duty

    * Distinguished Military Graduate


    Professor of Military Science
    Lieutenant Colonel Michael P. Bentley

    Senior Military Science Instructor
    Master Sergeant Trevor Woods

    Executive Officer/Assistant Professor of Military Science
    Captain Kennith Swanson

    Assistant Professor of Military Science
    Captain Brandon Utykanski

    Assistant Professor of Military Science
    Captain Sergio Franco

    Military Science Instructor
    Sergeant First Class Jonathon Baxley

    Military Science Instructor
    Sergeant First Class Guadalupe Trevino

    Recruiting Operations Officer
    Mr. Raymond Patterson (CPT Ret.)

    Unit Supply Technician
    Mr. Joseph Burwell (SSG Ret.)

    Human Resources Assistant
    Mrs. Sharon Dugan

    Administrative Assistant
    Mrs. Lori Dales

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