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Strategic Plan

  • Strategic Plan 2017-2021

    The need for fostering innovation, engaging in the community and developing a worldview remain just as important today as when they were set as goals in the 2013-2017 Strategic Plan. The 2017-2021 Strategic Plan builds from the previous plan with a keen eye toward the essential dimensions of the higher education value proposition, and focuses on promoting learning by engagement, advancing organizational health and creating public impact. Student leadership and success, faculty excellence in teaching and scholarship, community engagement and global competence are pillars that have guided our recent plans and actions. The strategic threads of this plan reinforce those pillars, continue our momentum and take us one step further in living our Mission and achieving our vision. 

  • Strategic Plan 2013-2017 

    In developing a forward-looking strategic plan, Gannon University honors its tradition as a Catholic university, measuring its success by how and whom it educates and serves. We recognize that, now more than ever, quality U.S. higher education must be affordable and accessible, and must benefit the public good. Gannon is committed to transforming the economic, social and cultural vitality and well-being of our community. In doing so, we will embrace innovation and change with optimism. To be competitive in a rapidly evolving, global higher education environment, new approaches will be pervasive in our organizational culture and new methods and technologies will be integrated into our teaching, program design and delivery. Wherever Gannon students engage in learning, we will intentionally link student learning with the communities we serve, and expand our context for education to a worldview.