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Ki-Hwan G. Bae

  • Assistant Professor
    Industrial Engineering

Courses Taught

  • Operations Research (IE 350)
  • Qual Assurance and Control (IE 322)
  • Simulation (IE 450)
  • Applied Management Science (MGMT 374)
  • Decision Analysis (IE 496)
  • Engineering Statistics (IE 320)
  • Lean Systems (IE 430)

Educational History

  • Virginia Tech, Ph.D., Industrial System Engineering, Integrated Airline Scheduling – Schedule Design, Fleet Assignment, Aircraft Routing, and Crew Scheduling
  • Purdue University, M.S., Industrial Engineering
  • Yonsei University, B.S., Industrial and System Engineering


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  • Evans, L., and Bae, K.-H. (2018) “U.S. Army Performance Appraisal Policy Analysis: A Simulation-Optimization Approach,” Journal of Defense Modeling and Simulation, 16(2) 191-205.
  • Zheng, L., Beem, P., and Bae, K.-H. (2018) “Assessment of the Physical Internet Enabled Urban Logistics Using Agent-Based Simulation,” International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management, doi:10.1504/IJLSM.2019.10011817.
  • Evans, L., and Bae, K.-H. (2017) “Simulation-based Analysis of a Forced Distribution Performance Appraisal System,” Journal of Defense Analytics and Logistics, 1(2) 120-136.
  • Lee, J., Bae, K.-H., and Younos, T. (2017) “Conceptual Framework for Decentralized Green Water-Infrastructure Systems,” Water and Environment Journal, 32(1) 112-117.
  • Imani, F. and Bae, K.-H. (2017) “Preventive Maintenance Modeling in Lifetime Warranty,” International Journal of Quality Engineering and Technology, 6(4) 249-268.
  • Antimisiaris, D., Bae, K.-H., Morton, L., and Zahara, G. (2017) “Tamoxifen Pharmacovigilance: “Implications for Safe Use in the Future,” The Consultant Pharmacist, 32(9) 535-546.
  • Paleshi, A., Bae, K.-H., Evans, G., and Heragu, S. (2017) “A Simulation-based Optimization Approach for Mitigation of Pandemic Influenza,” IISE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering, 7(2) 107-120.
  • Evans, G., Biles, W., and Bae, K.-H. (2019) Analytics, Operations, and Strategic Decision Making in the Public Sector, IGI Global.
  • Bae, K.-H., and Evans, G. (2018) “An Overview of Analytics for the Design and Operation of Criminal Justice Systems,” in Analytics, Operations, and Strategic Decision Making in the Public Sector, IGI Global.
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