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2021 Teaching and Learning Summit: Improving Education and Engagement During the COVID-19 Era

Gannon University will host the 2021 Teaching and Learning Summit on Wednesday, February 3. This summit will feature six faculty members from four different universities discussing the unique approaches they've taken to overcome teaching challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Think of it as speed-dating for pedagogy!

This is the perfect time to consider how online learning opens up opportunities that are not possible on campus and encourage us to think about education in new ways.  We can reflect on the best practices or adjustments to our pedagogy we've implemented this past year and apply it to our future in-class or remote-learning arrangements.


Zoom Recording of the Event and PowerPoint Presentations


Zoom Information

February 3, 2021 at 12PM 
Join us:


Time Topic
12:00-12:10 PM Gannon University Welcome
12:10-12:20 PM Matthew Vogel, PhD of Seton Hill University:  Maintaining Collaborative Efforts- The Virtual IEP Meetings
12:20-12:30 PM Beth B. Merry, MA of Waynesburg University: WhatsApp Instead of What’s Up
12:30-12:40 PM Karen Fetter, PhD of University of Pittsburgh: 5 Minutes of Nothing Can Mean Everything
12:40-12:50 PM Leighann Forbes, EdD of Gannon University: Bitmojis, Memes, and Gifs! Of My!
12:50-1:00 PM Eric Dart, PhD of Gannon University: Fumbling Towards Technology
1:00-1:10 PM Dr. Faith L Musko, MSFS of Waynesburg University: Building Rapport and Comfort in 10 Easy Minutes
1:10-1:20 PM Final questions and wrap-up