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Media Rats Takeover of 90.5 WERG

The 90.5 WERG "Media Rats" will be doing a virtual "take-over" of the station's airwaves for Homecoming Weekend!  Monique "Q" Beatty and Kevin Sullivan will join us from Burbank, CA; Christine Scalise from Pittsburgh, PA; Jeffrey "The Wiz" and Pat Wisniewski from Myrtle Beach, SC; Kate and Don Bernardo, Erin Scully Rush, Diana Palotas, and others from Erie, Charlottesville, Cleveland, and all points on the map as they log-in via Zoom over the course of the evening. Tune-in for the music and the stories starting at 6pm on Friday evening, October 2 with The Media Rats, during Homecoming Weekend 2020 with and 90.5 WERG!

Gannon University Institute for Health and Cyber Knowledge (I-HACK)

Gannon University Begins Construction on Institute for Health and Cyber Knowledge. Learn more about I-HACK.