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Commuter Awareness Week

Did you know that many Commuters:

  • Maintain full or part-time job off campus>
  • Have fewer social opportunities on campus due to their hectic schedules; therefore, they do not always feel like they are connected to campus>
  • May not be aware of all of the resources available on campus due to their limited time on campus>

Commuter Awareness Week is four days set aside to celebrate commuter students! The goal is to promote their interaction within the Gannon community, increase campus awareness of the unique needs of commuter students, and highlight local businesses. We are encouraging the students to explore campus and gain knowledge of all the resources available to them.

This year, commuters will spend two days going to offices on campus, September 20th and the 21st, and will focus on the surrounding Erie area September 22nd and 23rd. They will be doing a virtual scavenger hunt to find designated places on campus and in Erie, answer a question about them and/or take a picture.