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Biology Department

  • The Biology Department values broadly trained students who are knowledgeable in a diversity of disciplines within biology. Such broad training is important in today's age, when there is considerable overlap among the biological disciplines. Students are therefore encouraged to take a variety of courses to fulfill the 28 credits of upper-level electives required in the major.

    Students should work closely with their academic advisor(s) to determine the coursework that best suits their educational and career goals. Several emphases and courses relevant to specific disciplines are listed below. Students may also choose to complete the biology degree with a pre-Physician Assistant (pre-PA) option. This latter curriculum track allows students to earn their degree in biology and complete the prerequisite courses necessary to apply for matriculation into professional PA graduate programs.

    Students majoring in biology also have the option to participate in two academic travel courses that allow students to study tropical marine biology in the Bahamas or the ecology of Yellowstone National Park. These courses combined with the laboratory experiences and opportunities to pursue faculty-mentored undergraduate research provide students with the laboratory skills, critical thinking ability and problem-solving skills that are pivotal to be successful in biology-related careers.

    Biology Department Mission Statement 

    The biology department at Gannon University is an academic community of faculty and students engaged in the responsible pursuit and communication of biological knowledge. Our mission is to provide students with diverse academic experiences that foster critical thinking, technical skill, scholarship, and science literacy. By providing a strong foundation, our students can become competitive and excel in their chosen fields.

    Degrees Offered in the Biology Department 


    Summer School of Excellence

    This program provides junior or senior high school students with laboratory and field experiences in the life sciences.  More information can be found here.