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Shane T. Lavin, M.D. '10


Shane T. Lavin, M.D. '10

Beginning his residency in June, 2014, Shane Lavin is a first-year surgical resident medical doctor at Navy Medical Center Portsmouth and graduated from Penn State College of Medicine as a member of the Navy Health Professional Scholarship program. “The scholarship essentially pays for medical school while a naval reservist, and in return, I will serve them as a physician and naval officer for at least four years after I complete my residency,” he explains.

Though a student of the sciences while at Gannon, Shane participated more in the political and social realms when it came to extracurricular activities, including Student Government Association and the Ambassador Program. He was also a member of 333 (pronounced “trip-three”), a type of “unofficial fraternity where the majority of our housemates were involved with student government, school organizations, philanthropic events…”.

Today, Shane is a member of the American Medical Association and the Penn State College of Medicine Alumni Association. He has presented medical research at several national conferences and holds the rank of Lieutenant in the United States Navy. “Be proactive with your career pursuits,” he states, “and don’t be afraid to pursue ventures outside of your comfort zone.”

(Published July 2014)