Make a Gift

Wesley E. Alexander '82, '86M

Social Work, Public Administration

When first experiencing Gannon University during a basketball recruitment trip, Wesley found himself drawn to the school’s tight-knit community and close attachment to the city; the electricity of the crowd during a home game and the short walks to class. More so, Erie, Pennsylvania’s distance from Fort Wayne, Indiana was the deciding factor for his enrollment.

Besides various plays to enact on the court, Gannon instilled timeliness, teamwork and preparation in Wesley, allowing him to adopt a lifelong philosophy of readiness and professionalism – a philosophy utilized daily as an Equal Opportunity Specialist for the Bureau of Opportunity with the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. His daily responsibilities revolve around ensuring that all Pennsylvania employees and citizens have a universally shared chance of public employment. Wesley also works to implement, create, and monitor policies and programs promoting equity and diversity across the state, in adherence to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Commonwealth policy.

In the meantime, Wesley coaches girls’ basketball in Harrisburg and enjoys playing golf in the summers. During Gannon homecoming events, he and other alumni catch up and reminisce of their college days. To future alumni, he recommends to “believe in yourself and have faith to accomplish the goals you set for yourself. Don’t be afraid of failing and seek the help and guidance of your mentors.”

(Published prior to 2009. Revised June 2014.)