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Robert V. Glentzer '00


Robert V. Glentzer '00

Attempting to allow higher education to be truly what it is meant to be, Rob Glentzer used his four years at Gannon to grow not only in the classroom, but as a literate individual, allowing the school’s liberal arts core and unique opportunities to guide his own self-determination. Beginning his education in the sciences, he soon began to focus more on literature and writing and even spent a semester at St. Edmund’s Hall at the University of Oxford in England to study.

Because change is – at its core – the only means to growth, Gannon’s English department’s ability to seek and challenge their students’ opinions allows for the creation of broader, individual perspectives to be formed, opening the mind to accept novelty and difference. “Exposure to different ideas and different ways of approaching problems has been critical to my success,” Rob explains.

Today, Rob works as an attorney at Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, PC in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, servicing primarily financial institutions and bankers with documents regarding loans to larger corporations. He also serves as president of the Board of Directors for a non-profit homeowners association and holds the position of director on Gannon University’s National Alumni Board. “If you don’t challenge yourself, your education will be limited,” concludes Rob, but this is not to say that learning ends upon graduation. “If you come out after four years and have only learned the subject matter taught, you have short-changed your education."

(Published prior to 2009. Revised July 2014.)