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Kathleen H. Gerbert, M.D. '80

Health Science

Although she was originally drawn to Gannon because of the university’s partnership with Hahnemann Medical School, Dr. Kathleen Gerbert claims she later found her involvement in on-campus activities and the positive impact of Catholic social teachings to be two of the biggest factors influencing for her future career successes.

“I chose Gannon because of the Gannon Hahnemann Program. I really didn’t look into too many other details about it at the time…The fact that it was a Catholic school did not greatly influence me when I made my decision. However, now I realize how lucky I was that I fell into that environment.”

A member of the class of 1980, Dr. Gerbert was a part of Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society, worked as a student tutor, volunteered with Campus Ministry, attended multiple weekend retreats, and served as a freshman orientation advisor. As part of a year-round academic program, Dr. Gerbert notes she spent a lot of time studying, but not just for her science classes. “The liberal studies aspect of the education allowed [me] to mature…The religious aspect of the school also allowed me to become firmly rooted in the serenity and peace offered to us when we allow God to be in charge.”

The qualities she developed at Gannon assisted her greatly as she continued her educational career. Following commencement at Gannon, Dr. Gerbert attended Hahnemann Medical School, now part of Drexel, until her graduation in 1984. She then completed a four year residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In 1988, she moved back to Pennsylvania after accepting a position at May-Grant Associates, an OB/GYN practice in Lancaster. When she began working at the office, the practice employed 17 individuals, and Dr. Gerbert was the first female physician in the group. Today however, the group has significantly grown. They currently employ over 12 doctors, 10 nurse midwives, and numerous nurse practitioners, raising their total employee count to well over 100.

Lancaster, PA is well known for their “Amish” population, and Dr. Gerbert claims they make wonderful patients. “[They] are very reasonable, stoic, civic minded, and even humorous.” One of May-Grant Associates satellite offices in Intercourse, PA even has a hitching post for the Amish to tie up their horses when they come for visits. Dr. Gerbert is married to Dr. Bryan Yingling, a fellow OB/GYN physician. The couple has two daughters, Grace, an upcoming freshman at Florida Southern College, and Claudia, a high school junior. The family also has two Boston Terriers, Bo and Chauncy.

When not practicing medicine, Dr. Gerbert spends her spare time volunteering with her children’s schools, especially in the music department. She enjoys traveling, cooking, and healthy eating, as the diverse Lancaster culture provides much local produce and meats, as well as the opportunity to try current “foodie” trends. Dr. Gerbert’s greatest advice to current Gannon students is “Try it now! Whatever it is you want to do—ski, travel, volunteer, bike the U.S. or France, do mission work, audition to sing, whatever—do it now while you have resources surrounding you that can help you find a way to do it!” She continues, “…do those things that you may find corny or not worth the time, like weeknight masses or weekend retreats…Someday, when life may be more trying, you will remember the feeling of something that touched you that weekend and you will be able to process your way through the dark with a skill set you did not even know you possessed.”

(Published June 2016)