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Timothy Bruno ’99, ’04

Bachelor of Arts- Political Science

Timothy Bruno ’99, ’04

Timothy Bruno graduated from Gannon University in 1999 with his bachelor’s degree in Political Science. During his time at Gannon he was actively involved in many different programs and organizations. He was a supporter of Model U.N. and a member of the Student Government Association. He remembers spending countless hours in the SGA office when it was located in the basement of Old Main. As a Fellow at the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress (CSPC) he was a deserving recipient of the Leadership Award. In 2004 Timothy received his Master of Science degree in Environmental Health and Engineering from Gannon. While he was a graduate student Timothy continued to be actively involved with programs at the university. He worked for the Environmental Management Assistance Program within the Small Business Development Center, and was also given a graduate research assistantship which helped with the costs of his education.

He enjoyed many different aspects of college life at Gannon. His favorite memories include student music and poetry nights, where students performed their talents in the Student Lounge. Timothy is grateful for the education he received at Gannon and was fortunate to study under two professors that made a positive impact on his life and are highly respected in their field, Dr. David Kozak and Dr. Harry R. Diz. He states that “Dr. Kozak revealed the intricacies and inner-workings of government, and Dr. Harry R. Diz provided an understanding of the physical properties of our environment and natural surroundings. The combination of both degrees provided me with a unique skillset tailored for my career in public environmental policy.”

Mr. Bruno has been actively involved with water policy issues and works locally to protect Lake Erie. As the Chief of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Office of the Great Lakes, Timothy is responsible for the coordination of Pennsylvania’s policies regarding Great Lakes water quality and water use to ensure a consistent approach to interstate and binational laws, compacts and agreements. He represents Pennsylvania’s interests to the other Great Lakes states, the U.S. federal government, and Canadian federal and provincial authorities, working with them to improve water quality and conservation in the entire Great Lakes system.

Timothy is involved with many committees focusing on the conservation of water and environmental concerns in the region. He serves as Commissioner and on the Board of Directors for the Great Lakes Commission, alternate council member to Governor Tom Wolf on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Council, serves as Governor Tom Wolf’s designee and Pennsylvania’s representation for the Regional Body of the Council of Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River Basin, Pennsylvania’s representative on the Executive Committee of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement and serves as a Presidential Fellows Mentor for the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress. He was also recently selected as one of Erie Readers “40 under 40” in 2016.

Timothy’s most enjoyable time is spent with his family. His wife, Rachel, is a Gannon alumna and together they have three sons, Jonas, Noah and James. The family resides in Millcreek, PA. Timothy enjoys playing guitar, reading and researching United States and Pennsylvania history, hunting and brewing beer. In 2015 he won 2nd Place in the Erie Homebrew Festival at the Brewerie.

“Success, whether personal or professional, is rarely achieved within a short window of time. While it may sound cliché, hard work, passion and persistence are the ingredients of strong relationships and careers.” – Timothy Bruno

(published February 2017)