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Brendan Bosko '05

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering

Brendan Bosko '05

Persistent. Driven. Ambitious. Adaptable. These are all words that adequately describe 2005 Gannon graduate Brendan Bosko. As a mechanical engineering major at Gannon, Bosko wasn’t sure his degree was a good fit for his ambitions, but he stuck with the program because it could lead to good opportunities. The course load was tough, but Bosko credits those challenges with helping him develop a strong sense of perseverance.

Bosko was a wrestler while at Gannon and fondly remembers all the time spent in practice and competitions. He says the camaraderie on the mat extended into social interactions as well, highlighted by the high standard of excellence his teams began establishing under Coach Don Henry.

Shortly after graduating from Gannon, Bosko began working for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs as a Resident Engineer. His classmates Todd Bofinger, Brian Osberg and Travis Sharp also secured jobs with the VA and Bosko saw that they were enjoying their careers and got to travel quite a bit. Bosko stayed with the VA for five years, overseeing construction of a nursing home in Menlo Park, California and the construction of an entire new hospital in North Las Vegas. 

Having a long-time interest in real estate, Bosko then started working with a business partner in Las Vegas and later in Fort Worth, TX to purchase distressed, single-family homes to rehabilitate and flip. It was an enjoyable time that offered Bosko a diversity of experiences within the real estate industry. It was that diversity that led him to his current position as a Project Coordinator with Daiwa House Texas.

Daiwa is the largest real estate company in Japan. They provide equity to developers who work with the city and architects to design buildings (typically multi-family apartment complexes) and provide relevant approvals. When the project is ready to start construction, Daiwa lends support. In his role, Bosko attends meetings with the general contractor and, once a project is ready to start leasing, he is heavily involved in operational decisions regarding marketing, unit pricing, and up front specials to achieve a desired level of leasing velocity. 

Bosko and his wife Christina live in Fort Worth with their four-year-old son Bryson. With a young son and long work hours, Bosko does not have much time for hobbies, but does make time to watch the Buffalo Bills during football season. He also tries to make sure he gets to the weight room often enough to prevent himself from developing a “dad bod.” 

As a Gannon alumnus, Bosko encourages current students to be open to new experiences. “Not everyone can know what they want to do with their life when they pick a major at 18 years of age,” he says. “If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing look for opportunities to explore other areas and find a field that you’re more passionate about. The days don’t seem as long when you enjoy what you’re doing.”

(published December 2019)