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Lo (Lauren) Myrick '11

International Business and History

Lo (Lauren) Myrick '11

Lo (Lauren) Myrick graduated in 2011 with a dual degree in International Business and History, earning herself both a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts, and graduating summa cum laude. As a student-athlete, she was very active swimming – spending two years as Captain of the swim team, as a member of the Water Polo Team, and serving on SAAC (Student-Athlete Advisory Committee) with three of those years as President. In addition to her student-athlete involvements, Lo was also a member of the Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity.

Now residing in North Carolina, she feels blessed to be surrounded by loved ones including fellow Gannon alumni Julie Kleber ’11 and her husband, as well as her brother Phil Myrick ’12 and his wife.

When thinking back to her time at Gannon, she has many memories she is fond of, her favorite two involve her travels with her History program and being the SAAC President. Lo shares that she was able to travel abroad twice during her time at Gannon, “The first time we went to Europe and the second time - a much longer trip - was to Jordan, Israel, and Egypt in 2010. I am so grateful for these experiences as they’ve helped to shape my world view and who I am as a person. I still have letters from community members we engaged with in Jordan, it was truly a meaningful and life-changing experience. There’s also a great picture of me on a camel with a GU flag in front of the pyramids – it was an experience I’ll never forget!”

Her second favorite memory was as the SAAC President, creating “The Knight Cup,” a program/competition for all student-athletes and teams. The program brought athletes together from different programs, helped them to give back to the community, gave them health & wellness tools, and increased engagement and attendance at sporting events, among other things. Lo says “It was wonderful to see different teams coming together to support one another and build otherwise unlikely bonds. Fostering this sense of community and engagement is one of my proudest moments.”

Her degrees and experiences at Gannon led her to be incredibly prepared for life after college. She learned many skills that set her up for success. She said “before I transferred to Gannon, I was a little lost at a larger University. Gannon had ample opportunities to get involved and I jumped into them.”

She continues, “People tend to make fun of history degrees, but honestly, my history degree has proved SO useful to me—largely in part due to Professor Jeff Bloodworth’s teaching. His program along with our assignments helped me to become a better writer and a strategic thinker, as well as prepare me to see trends and causation between events – those skills have been invaluable to me in the business world and beyond.”

Lo currently runs her own Coaching and Consulting Firm, working as a Peak Performance & Mindset Coach, Speaker, and Workshop Facilitator; she helps teams and leaders prevent burnout and achieve their goals. She says, “I blend my business experience and process expertise with Emotional Intelligence, Coaching, and Mental Health tools to deliver massive breakthroughs for my clients – helping them to live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.”

In her experience, she has received many awards and certifications, as well as holding significant roles throughout her career. A few of these include: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Advanced PSYCH-K Facilitator of Energy Psychology, Trauma Informed Mental Health Specialist, she is a Former Global Leadership and Development Director, and has been highlighted three times in the Wall Street Journal as a Featured Expert.

In her spare time, she enjoys taking her daily walks and meditating, as well as hiking, playing pickleball, and beach volleyball. She finds great pleasure in slowing down and enjoying the present moment, whether she is traveling, learning, eating delicious food, or spending time with her loved ones.

Lo leaves us with this advice: “Follow your curiosity. If you’re interested in or excited about something, chase it! Don’t just take classes or get a degree because it “looks good on paper.” Try new things. Get out of your comfort zone. Get involved in an activity, club, or organization. You have the power to make your college experience mean something or you can just “go through the motions.”

“Lastly, your belief about what you’re doing is more important than what you are actually doing. If you are constantly telling yourself ‘I’m not doing enough’ or ‘I’m behind,’ you’re creating a self-fulfilling prophecy and limiting yourself… Create a more positive story for yourself and your effort will take you farther!”