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Kelly Miele '10, '14M

Bachelor of Arts English/Secondary Education; Masters in Curriculum & Instruction

Kelly Miele '10, '14M

A winner of WJET-TV’s 2016-2017 Golden Apple “Teacher of the Year” award; Kelly Miele is an Advanced Placement English teacher at Fairview High School, a top-ranked school in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Miele also teaches Honors English, serves as faculty advisor to Fairview’s senior class and coaches the senior Powder Puff Football Team.

Miele was given the responsibility of teaching Advanced Placement classes early in her career, in just her third year of teaching. It has now been seven years since she took on that role.

“Because Fairview High School is consistently rated one of the top schools in Western Pennsylvania, I am proud to be teaching Advanced Placement in such a rigorous environment,” said Miele. In 2017, she was chosen “Golden Apple Teacher of the Year” receiving the award that is annually presented by Edinboro University and WJET-TV in Erie.

Through her passion for English, Miele’s students say she inspires curiosity, an enthusiasm for reading literature and provides them opportunities to engage in critical thinking and analysis. By encouraging differing opinions and classroom discussion, Miele aides her students in developing their sense of individualism and helps increase their self-confdence and drive to succeed.

As a nominated teacher for the Golden Apple Award, one of Miele’s students said ‘her teachings will forever guide me because she has been so successful in encouraging personal growth by means of academic achievement. Miss Miele consistently radiates a positive enthusiasm toward English and teaching in general, allowing her to have a strong impact on me, both within the English subject area and far beyond.”

Miele strives to make a difference in the lives of her students. Her success is paying off for students at Fairview

(published Sept. 2019)