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Global Visitors Program

  • Projects

    The Global Visitors Program offers a variety of training, development and cultural-immersion opportunities for international participants from around the world.

    Features and Benefits

    • Gannon delivers training modules directly from its academic programs – from engineering and computer sciences to health professions, education and business-related content.
    • On-campus training provides language immersion or special-topic delivery based on professional communication needs.
    • Choose from a variety of options that include excursions to major cities in the northeastern United States and an in-depth exploration of cultural topics and attributes.
    • Participate in professional settings related to program content and objectives, ranging from schools and hospitals to government offices and the corporate community.
    • Take trips of cultural interest to local and regional destinations.
    • Choose from pre-defined programs based on professional themes or create options from professional training, language and cultural modules to meet your needs.
    • Choose time commitments that meet your professional and personal goals while accommodating your budget and schedule.
    • Certificate of Completion is awarded to all participants to document experience and intent of any Global Visitors program.

    Track Ideas 


    Recently Gannon University collaborated with Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore to do a three month project. The students lived and ate on campus and participated in a short-term program within the Electrical and Computer Science Department. The following items are examples of additional tracks.

  • Additional Tracks

    Secondary School Student

    Exploration of the Professions

    Engineering, Computer Science, Health Care, the Sciences, and Math – to experience firsthand the challenges, opportunities and rewards through hands-on activities facilitated by expert faculty, students and practicing professionals. ESL and leadership training are available as needed. Tours of various industries and facilities will be included. (Typical program length – 2 weeks)  

    College Preparatory

    Focus on mathematics, the sciences, composition and literature. Participants will also engage in college preparatory activities, academic enrichment, mentorship activities, college admissions workshops and motivational training. Tours and excursions will complement the academic component for regional and cultural exposure. College level credits may be awarded.(Typical program length – 6 weeks) 

    Healthcare Professional

    The American Healthcare System

    For international nurses who desire to study and experience the American healthcare environment as an immersion program. Classes will include content in medical terminology and may include classes in Women’s Health, Palliative Care, Nursing Research, Nursing, Power and Politics, and the use of Simulation Technology. Participants will have high-technology patient simulation opportunities in our state-of-the-art Patient Simulation Center and in live clinical settings. Topics of professional interest will be presented by experienced healthcare clinicians through observations, field trips and activities integrated into the program. (Typical program length – 4 weeks) 

    Teacher or Education

    Special Education Institute

    Participants will also interact with American Special Education teachers, examine the structure in which they work and tour several special education facilities. (Tracks for gifted students and pedagogy are also available.) (Typical program length – 4 weeks) 

    To enhance the knowledge and understanding of current research, strategies and best practices for meeting the diverse needs of students with disabilities. Participants will explore key aspects of treatment design including positive behavioral support and intervention strategies, collaborative partnerships in the field, accommodation and modification options and instructional and therapeutic intervention techniques.

    Leadership Academy

    To prepare participants to be instructional leaders who can effectively bring about continuous school improvements that result in increased student achievement. Participants will engage in a self-assessment of instructional leadership skills, engage in case-based activities and seek to identify personal focus areas for continued education following their experience in the Leadership Academy. Participants will also have the opportunity to tour American school facilities for all grade levels and to interact with superintendents and principals. Participants will tour a recently remodeled middle school complex designated as environmentally “green.” (Typical program length – 4 weeks) 

    American Culture

    The American Dream

    To examine the origin, growth and current status of The American Dream. What is that dream? Where did it come from? How has it changed? Participants will learn about this concept and its relevance to American history, politics, literature and art. Participants will engage in planned excursions to local and regional destinations. (Typical program length – 2 to 3 weeks)