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Employment Opportunities and Parameters

  • As a student studying in the United States on an F or J visa, you have the following employment options: 

    1. On Campus Employment

      • You can work up to 20 hours per week while school is in session. During breaks and summer vacation, you can work up to 30 hours per week. This is facilitated through the PeopleAdmin online hiring system located on the Financial Aid website.
      • Apply online for student employment authorization through the Financial Aid  website.  There is information there on how to apply for student employment, the online application, and current job openings.
      • Directly apply for an on-campus job with the employer/department, keeping in mind that an on-campus job is not guaranteed. Students must pursue employment independently and compete with fellow applicants from all over campus.
      • Excellent student resource for campus and off-campus internships and post-graduation positions is the Career Exploration and Development - Join "HANDSHAKE"
    2. Curricular Practical Training  
    3. Optional Practical Training  

    Additional Information