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Application Process

  • Step 1: Completed Application

    Complete and submit your application for the ESL program.

    Step 2: Official Transcripts

    You may submit a copy online, and provide official or attested transcripts prior to arriving on campus. Mail the transcripts via express courier to: 

    Office of Global Admissions and Outreach
    Gannon University MS#64
    109 University Square
    Erie, PA 16541

    Step 3: Affidavit of Support Form

    Complete and submit with the financial proof documents.The following are accepted:

    • Original bank statements verifying account balances (from either U.S. or foreign banking institutions). The funds must be shown in U.S. dollars. No receipts accepted.
    • Original letters from bank officials written in English on bank letterhead verifying the account holder, account number and current balance in U.S. dollars.
    • Original letters from employers written in English on official letterhead verifying the name and annual salary of the employee and indicating continued employment.

    If the documentation is not in your name, it must be accompanied by an original signed letter from the account holder or employee promising to support you financially and verifying that the documented funds are allocated for that purpose. Photocopies are not acceptable forms of financial proof. The Global Admissions office must retain originals in your file.

    This form is required for verification of financial resources in order to issue the I-20.

    Step 4: Copy of Passport and Current Visa

    Step 5: Transfer Form - If Applicable

    The International Transfer Application is required of all international students who are transferring to Gannon from another college, university, or ESL center in the United States.

    Step 6: Questions

    For questions regarding the deadline of which your transcripts must be turned in, please contact the Office of Global Admissions and Outreach at

    For questions about the ESL program write to: