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  • Leadership training and adventure found in few traditional college courses

    Why should I consider ROTC?

    Gannon's U.S. Army ROTC Program is a member of the “Pride of PA” Battalion. The program offers leadership training, management experience, and adventure found in few traditional college courses. It develops physical stamina, self-discipline, and poise--qualities basic to success in any career, military or civilian.

    What kind of academic programs can I take in conjunction with ROTC?

    Army ROTC cadets earn degrees in the academic fields of their choice and supplement their curriculum with a Military Science class each semester.

    Are scholarships available?

    Yes, and there are several types offered:

    • Four-Year Scholarships -- These scholarships pay tuition and on-campus educational expenses, as well a flat-rate for textbooks, classroom supplies and equipment. In addition, scholarship winners receive an allowance of approximately $3,500 for each school year the scholarship is in effect and are paid for attending the 35 day advance camp during the summer between the junior and senior years of college.
    • Room and Board Scholarships -- Gannon University offers Room and Board incentives to ALL scholarship winners starting in the 2010-2011 school year.
    • Three-Year and Two-Year Scholarships -- Qualified college students are eligible to win two and three-year scholarships which pay tuition and fees, as well as a flat-rate for textbooks and classroom supplies. Students also receive $300-$500 a month during the academic year for each year the scholarship is in effect.

    How can I find out more?

    For more information, contact Gannon's ROTC Department at 814-871-ROTC(7682) or 871-5758.