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  • Leadership training and adventure found in few traditional college courses

    Why should I consider ROTC?

    Gannon Army ROTC is a member of the “Pride of PA” Army ROTC Program. The program offers leadership training, management experience, and adventure found in few traditional college courses. It develops physical stamina, self-discipline, and poise--qualities basic to success in any career, military or civilian.

    What kind of academic programs can I take in conjunction with ROTC?

    Army ROTC cadets earn degrees in the academic fields of their choice and supplement their curriculum with a Military Science class each semester which will culminate in a Minor in Leadership Studies.

    Are scholarships available?

    Yes, and there are several types offered:

    • Four-Year Scholarships -- These scholarships pay tuition and fees, as well as $600 per semester for textbooks, ROTC classroom supplies and equipment are provided. 

    • Scholarship winners receive an allowance of $4,200 for each school year on scholarship (paid $420 per month).

    • Cadets are paid while attending the 35 day advance camp during the summer between the junior and senior years of college.
    • Room and Board Scholarships -- Gannon University offers Room and Board incentives to ALL scholarship winners!

    • Three-Year and Two-Year Scholarships -- Qualified college students are eligible to win two and three-year scholarships which pay all the same benefits.  

    • All students that contract with or without a scholarship receive $420 a month stipend during the academic year for each year the Cadet is contracted.

    How can I find out more?

    For more information, contact Gannon's ROTC Department at 814-871-ROTC(7682) OR Email