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International Compliance

  • International Compliance

    Gannon University is a Catholic, Diocesan university regionally accredited by The Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Gannon University does not represent or guarantee that its online degree programs are recognized in or meet requirements to comply with distance education regulations in the student's country of residence, if it is outside the United States. It is therefore the student's responsibility to utilize this international compliance checklist to understand current circumstances or special requirements surrounding whether this online degree will be recognized in the student's country of residence.

    Validation of Distance Education - Outside the USA (Disclaimer and Checklist)

    Students are urged to check with their national and local governments to determine if distance education as taken from an educational institution outside the borders of their home country comply with regulations as established by either the public (government) or private (industry) sector.  Gannon University cannot guarantee that its education meets the requirements of any one country.

    The following considerations are provided to guide you; they do not suggest compliance or noncompliance:

    • Online and Distance Education from other countries are permitted in my home country
    • My degree or program, if taken online, needs validated by the Ministry of Education?
    •  Are there taxes or fees imposed on an online education taken from a school outside of my country?
    • Certain personal data is needed to admit and educate students; Gannon University honors privacy laws in the United States.  Are there privacy laws in the country where the distance education will be taken that need honored?
    • Distance Education requires a proper platform in technology to support an online delivery; in-country support includes proper internet service, band width, and computer specifications as defined by Gannon University.
    • A student visa is not required for distance learning in one's home country; students do not need to enter the United States.
    • An application for admission is required for distance learning from Gannon University; applicants must meet the admission requirements inclusive of proper English language proficiency.

    For more information, please call 814-871-7480