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  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Erie, Pennsylvania
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  • Expand Your Cultural Worldview with a Spanish Degree from Gannon University

    Knowledge of a foreign language complements nearly every discipline and opens the door to an array of professional opportunities. Gannon’s Spanish program will lead you to develop proficiency in Spanish and understand the rich culture of Hispanic nations. Become an effective communicator who can overcome linguistic and cultural boundaries, develop new ways of looking at language and culture, and enjoy a truly enriching experience while preparing for your future career.

    • Develop careers skills that are essential to your success in the global and domestic job market.
    • Master the Spanish language, which is the fourth most spoken language in the world
    • Learn from faculty who are experts in indigenous histories, linguistics, culture, film, women’s studies and more.

    Learn to Lead the Way in Spanish

    • Gain proficiency in Spanish, which is a national and global language.
    • Develop effective communication and intercultural skills that will expand your professional opportunities in academia, business and trade, public service, arts, publishing, entertainment, health and more.
    • Become an informed and responsible global citizen, which is at the heart of Gannon University’s Mission.

    Experience an Exceptional Learning Environment

    • Travel to Spanish-speaking countries through Gannon’s study abroad opportunities to enhance your cultural and linguistic abilities.
    • Gain valuable leadership experience through a United Nations Practicum or Model U.N., one of the oldest programs in the country.
    • Participate in on-campus activities including International Education Week, International Night, School of Public Service and Global Affairs speaker and events series, globally focused clubs and organizations, and more.

    Inspire Your Academic Success

    Gain real-world knowledge through key Spanish courses including:

    Spanish Cinema: Use film to explore diverse sociocultural aspects and the distinctiveness of cultural traditions of the Hispanic world.

    Latin American Civilization: Explore historic and contemporary society of Latin American countries.

    Mujer: Víctima o Heroína: :Understand the role of women in the Spanish-speaking world; examine contemporary issues around gender identity, minority groups and immigration; learn how gender construction, race, religion and more shape our understanding of women and the world.

    Achieve Your Possibilities

    Students will gain a high-quality education that enables success in the rigors of graduate school or a future profession. Through an array of program opportunities,  you can:

    • Secure real-world experiences through internships at the local level including with Erie’s Multicultural Community Resource Center, Logistics Plus, the Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars.
    • Become well prepared to continue your education through a graduate program.
    • Master the Spanish language while developing analytical and problem-solving skills that are essential to success in any profession.
Nicolina Cuzzola

Nicolina Cuzzola School of Public Service and Global Affairs

“Being able to communicate with someone in another language from a completely different place is such an invaluable, rewarding skill. No matter what your desired job field is, being able to speak a second language … will increase your marketability immensely.”

  • Receive hands-on learning through real-world courses, projects and valuable internship experiences that prepare you to become a professional in the field.
  • 13:1Enjoy a personalized experience inspired by Gannon’s faculty experts and a low student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1.
  • Apply for generous financial aid packages and scholarship awards.