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Healthcare Ethics

  • Minor
  • Erie, Pennsylvania
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  • Program Overview

    Healthcare Ethics is the place where philosophical reflection meets the concrete problems of public health and personal well-being.

    Gannon’s minor in healthcare ethics prepares students for informed healthcare professionalism and practice. The minor in healthcare ethics is also preparation for the national certification process in healthcare ethics consultation.

    Achieve Your Possibilities

    The minor is earned by taking courses in ethics and philosophy including:

    • Environmental Ethics
    • Bioethics
    • Healthcare Ethics
    • Critical Thinking 

    With this minor, graduates can become consultants, serve on ethics committees in hospitals, and work with families and other healthcare professionals in various aspects of public health.

    Michael Borowicz

    Biology Major, Healthcare Ethics Minor

    Michael Borowicz

    "Healthcare Ethics has been especially beneficial to my education. I am currently studying biology here at Gannon University with plans to attend graduate school in the future. The ethics classes that I have taken allowed me to put STEM classes into a context. The minor has given me the skills required to take the information that I have learned and connect it to other ideas and apply it practically in my life. Additionally, my critical thinking skills have been honed through my philosophy classes, which allows me to be an all-around better student and citizen. I consider my health care ethics minor to be invaluable to my education."