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  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Erie, Pennsylvania

Global Languages and Cultures

  • Broaden Your Cultural Horizon with a Global Languages and Cultures Degree from Gannon University

    Gannon's global languages and cultures program is central to our mission of preparing students to be global citizens. Develop your own global worldview through interactive coursework and travel opportunities that immerse you in rich cross-cultural experiences. Learn to communicate across cultures when you become proficient in a foreign language. Your skills can be applied to nearly any discipline, giving you the competitive edge needed to succeed in a global marketplace.

    • Increase your professional marketability through fluency in a second language.
    • Learn from faculty experts with experience in translation, film, and indigenous and cultural studies.
    • Earn academic credit through an array of study abroad opportunities.

    Learn to Lead the Way in Global Language

    • Program coursework engages you in languages including Spanish, Arabic, German, French and Latin with an option to major in Spanish.
    • Become proficient in one or more languages and develop effective communication skills that transfer across disciplines.
    • Deepen your understanding of global languages and cultures to become an informed and responsible global citizen.

    Experience an Exceptional Learning Environment

    • Travel to Spain, Chile, Argentina, Cuba, Mexico, France, Germany, Guatemala, Ecuador and other locations through our study abroad programs.
    • Gain intercultural experience on campus by participating in International Education Week, International Night, and the School of Public Service and Global Affairs Speaker and Events series.
    • Participate in the Gannon University Model U.N. Club and the annual Model U.N. Conference, one of the country's oldest programs.

    Inspire Your Academic Success

    Gain real-world knowledge through key courses including:

    Spanish Cinema: Use film to examine diverse sociocultural aspects and the diverse cultural traditions of the Hispanic world with an emphasis on food preparation, traveling, relationships, nonverbal communication and more.

    Music of Latin America: Examine the diverse music genres of Latin America while exploring the European, African and Amerindian contributions to Latin American culture and music.

    Study Abroad: Earn academic credit through semester or summer abroad opportunities where you will participate in classes and activities taught in French.

    Achieve Your Possibilities

    Gannon's global languages and cultures program offers an array of cultural opportunities where you can:

    • Secure internships with Erie's Multicultural Community Resource Center and Logistics Plus, the Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars, and placements abroad.
    • Obtain increasingly in-demand career positions with nonprofit, international non-governmental and governmental agencies, tourism and travel industries, and communication and translation services.
  • Receive hands-on learning through real-world courses, projects and valuable internship experiences that prepare you to become a professional in the field.
  • 13:1Enjoy a personalized experience inspired by Gannon’s faculty experts and a low student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1.
  • Apply for generous financial aid packages and scholarship awards.