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French Language and Culture

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  • Erie, Pennsylvania
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  • Learning French is so much more than learning a language. If you like good food, surprises, riveting literature, fascinating cinema, or bustling cafés, mastering the French language can be the perfect choice. 

    Did you know that French is one of the two languages – along with English – that is spoken on all five continents? It is also an official language of the United Nations, the European Union, UNESCO, NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross, and international courts.

    Learning French will open your doors to the myriad of countries and cultures that make up the Francophone world. The diversity is truly wonderful – from Belgian humor to Senegalese philosophy to the traditional meals you can enjoy. 

    Learning the French language will teach you a lot about the way people see the world. You will discover diverse worldviews while expanding your own. Did you know that in French people don’t say “I miss you” but “You are missing from me”?  

    Discovering French language and culture will provide you with meaningful academic opportunities, including pursuing one of Gannon’s exchange programs at a university in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Montreal and more to experience the French-speaking world.

    A minor in French language and culture can complement any major, particularly political science, public service and global affairs, health sciences, international business, history, philosophy, English, communications and more.


    Seniors who have successfully passed FREN 210 and FREN 211 and four upper-level courses
    in France/Francophone studies qualify for the minor (three upper-level credits may also be
    earned through a GLOBL course with a focus on France and the Francophone world). Students
    entering with a level higher than 211 will be able to waive three credits for FREN 210 and pursue only 15 credits in the target language to earn the minor

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