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School of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Develop skills. Secure a career. Change yourself. Then change the world.

    Study the Humanities and Social Sciences

    Why was Romeo never quite right for Juliet? What is the significance of baseball in American society? Is Beyoncé is a feminist or not? Nature or nurture?

    These are the big questions:  What is the meaning of life? How can I live an ethical life in a global society? What will be my contribution to the world? Can I pursue a lucrative and meaningful career? Hint: the answer is yes.

    Studying the humanities and social sciences, you can explore your passion. You can learn how to think, not what to think.

    In our increasingly knowledge-based economy, thinking, writing, and synthesizing information are crucial career skills. Indeed, research skills, information analysis, and an ability to communicate are precious and sought-after talents in today's marketplace. These are the very skills that you will build in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

    Gannon's School of Humanities and Social Sciences will enable you to hone these skills by:

    • Pursuing work experience through a variety of internships and co-operative education programs in Erie, Washington, D.C., London, and other locales across the U.S. and the world
    • Studying abroad in Ireland, Poland, Italy, Germany, Jordan, Australia and other countries
    • Majoring in a variety of disciplines, including, communication arts, English, political science, criminal justice, history, theology, psychology, social work, philosophy and more
    • Exploring career paths in media, public service, law, journalism, technology and insurance firms, banking and financial companies, and teaching and education
    • Designing an individualized course of study. It's multi-disciplinary learning for an increasingly inter-disciplinary world