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Supervisor of Curriculum

  • Program Overview

    A Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction is a district-wide specialist who works across all grade levels of a school entity and is responsible for performing the following duties:                      

    • supervising instruction and evaluating staff as designated by the school superintendent
    • designing and developing curriculum, learning materials and innovative educational programs
    •  overseeing the piloting of instructional programs
    • directing and conducting basic or applied educational research

    What Makes Us Different

    • The District-Wide Supervisory Certificate is completed online.
    • The certificate can be completed in as few as 9 credits based upon transcript review.
    • The program includes an on-site 360-hour district-wide supervisor of curriculum and instruction capstone internship.
    • Evidence of satisfactory achievement on assessments (i.e., Praxis) is required for the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) to issue the Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction certification The Gannon University School of Education recommends candidates for certification upon successful completion of the program and review of the candidate's application on the Teacher Information Management System (TIMS).

    Curriculum Requirements

    • This online program requires the candidate to take 9-17 credits based upon a transcript review. Candidates are required to successfully complete a 360-hour internship to be eligible for certification.
    • Candidates must have completed required courses, have five years of experience and attained a minimum GPA of 3.0 in order to be recommended for certification by Gannon University.

    Admission Requirements

    • Complete an application for admission.
    • Submit official transcripts from a regionally accredited college or university which verify a Master's degree in Education or a related field and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, plus transcripts, showing any additional graduate-level coursework.
    • Submit three letters of recommendation from principals, superintendents, or other qualified educators.
    • Submit a copy of a valid Pennsylvania Instructional I or II certificate.
    • Submit documentation of five years of professional school experience in an instructional area. Candidates may be admitted with four years of experience if they will complete five years of experience by the time their program concludes.
    • Individuals who have completed Gannon University's Principal Certification program do not need to submit official transcripts or letters of recommendation since those are already on file.  All other requirements must be submitted before coursework can begin.

    Course Descriptions

    GEDU 616  School and Community Relations

    This course views the school as a dynamic cultural entity.  The graduate learner is required to assess the school's interdependence on the community and its many stakeholders, the importance of a sound public relations program for the school, and the need to communicate with and understand the community.

    GEDU 617 Administration of School Personnel

    This course studies dimensions in school personnel administration and includes the principles of recruitment, selection and practices essential to a functional integration of the individual into the school system.

    GEDU 713 Curriculum and Instruction Supervisory Certificate Internship

    This course is designed to be the capstone experience of the Curriculum and Instruction Supervisory Certification program.  The course provides experiences designed to develop and enhance the overall effectiveness of the supervisor candidate's competencies.  The internship is designed as an integrating experience and an opportunity for the graduate learner to practice those skills and competencies learned in the classroom setting and to learn certain skills best taught in a school environment.  It consists of planned experiences and emphasizes direct involvement in the administration of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment at sites mutually acceptable to the candidate and the program director.

    GEDU 720 Quality Teaching, Continuous Learning and Professional Accountability

    This course focuses on the role of the principal as the instructional leader, along with collaborative efforts by the instructional staff, in bringing about quality teaching, continuous learning and professional accountability.  By the end of the course, candidates will understand the school personnel policies and procedures that provide the organizational boundaries for accountability and the importance of school and community relations in an effective instructional program.

    GEDU 722 School Financial Management

    This course examines the legal and other factors governing financial policies and practices in public schools, sources of revenue, budgeting, disbursement of funds, school plant, records and insurance.  It emphasizes knowledge and understanding of the major tasks and methods involved in meeting financial responsibilities in the school and the educational system.

    GEDU 725 Principal Introductory Internship

    This is a 35-hour internship integrated into GEDU 720.

    GEDU 726 Financial Development Internship

    This is a 35-hour internship integrated into GEDU 722.

    Plan of Study

    Summer Semester Session I

    • GEDU 616, School and Community Relations (3 credits)

    Summer Semester Session II

    • GEDU 617, Administration of School Personnel (3 credits)

    Fall Semester Session I

    • GEDU 720, Quality Teaching, Continuous Learning, and Professional Accountability (3 credits)
    • GEDU 725, Principal Introductory Internship (1 credit)

    Fall Semester Session II

    • GEDU 722, School Finance Management (3 credits)
    • GEDU 726, Financial Development Internship (1 credit)

    Spring Semester Session I

    • GEDU 713, Curriculum and Instruction Supervisory Certificate Internship (3 credits)
    • Note: Depending where a graduate learner is in the program, GEDU 713 may be scheduled in the fall, spring, or summer.

    Transfer Credits

    Transferring credits to a program is done at the discretion of the program coordinator. Minimum requirements are that they are
    graduate courses from an approved institution which have a grade of "B" or better and are recorded on an official transcript, and which are no older than five years at the time of submission for consideration.  Generally, a maximum of six credits from an accredited University may be accepted.


  • Virtual Information Sessions

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  • State Authorization

    View Gannon's State Authorization for more information on SARA and state authorization. Have a complaint about a distance education program or courses? Read the state contact information document to learn more about filing a complaint.

    Student Success

    Gannon's Online Engagement Coordinator facilitates our online new student orientations, implements strategies to ensure that online students are active in their online courses, and provides general online student support through a variety of high-touch methods to engage students and support student retention efforts. Gannon online students can reach out with general questions about online learning or how to remotely access Gannon's comprehensive student services.