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Undecided Science

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  • Erie, Pennsylvania
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  • Discover Your Future through Gannon University's Undecided Programs

    Selecting the perfect major is not always easy - and we understand. Nationally, between 30 and 40 percent of incoming students are unsure of a major when they enter college. Others may need a little more academic experience before they enter their desired program. What does this mean? You are not alone. Start your journey with Gannon University in an undecided program, and we will guide you through a number of academic pathways through one-on-one advising and personal interest and career exploration. At the end of your freshman year you will be ready to declare a major that best fits you or obtain eligibility to enter your intended program.

    Find Your Fit

    Gannon University offers undecided programs in the areas of health science, science, computing, engineering and humanities. Maybe you want to narrow your career options - or expand on them. Maybe you want to achieve eligibility to enter the program you aspire. Either way, we will help you make the decisions that will place you in the perfect major.

    Undecided Science

    Students who are naturally curious about our scientific world can explore several academic options within the field through introductory coursework and one-on-one and group advising. These options include biochemistry, biology, chemical engineering, forensic science, freshwater and marine biology, mathematics, medical laboratory science, psychology and science. Conduct original scientific research or gain hands-on learning opportunities within our state-of-the-art laboratory spaces to determine your own academic passions and strengths.