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  • The Gannon University PA Program is continually developing Clinical Rotation Sites. Each site will have their own mandatory requirements that each student will be required to fulfill prior to being accepted by the clinical site. Students must complete the required clearances and annual mandatory education prior to starting any clinical experience.

    Required Paperwork  

    Students must provide the following items in their entirety to clinical sites upon request: 

    • Criminal, Child Abuse and FBI Background Checks -must  be obtained every year
    • Health exam (must be done yearly)
    • Tuberculin skin test or chest x-ray (Initial 2 step; followed by one step yearly. Some sites require more frequent testing)
    • Proof of Negative Hepatitis-C antibody and negative  HBSAG
    • Positive HBSAB
    Proof of Immunizations including:
    • Hepatitis B immunizations or Positive Titer
    • MMR #1 and #2
    • Rubella Positive Titer
    • Mumps Positive Titer
    • Measles Positive Titer
    • Varicella Vaccines #1 and #2
    • Varicella Zoster IgG -VZV Positive Titer
    • Tdap (Tetanus)
    • Influenza annually
    • Proof of Current Health & Accident Insurance
    • Urine Drug Test 14 panel (each site has specific requirements)

    Students who are unable to meet clinical site requirements will not be able to complete the required course of study for graduation from the Physician Assistant Program.    

    Students in the PA Program must be of sufficient health in order to meet the criteria of our clinical affiliates. The PA Department reserves the right to reassess the student's ability to meet the technical standards at any time during the duration of their training and to act accordingly.

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