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  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Ruskin, Florida

Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

  • Program Overview

    Physical Therapy Students

    Gannon University's Doctor of Physical Therapy Program will be a leader in educating autonomous physical therapists who participate in integrative and collaborative practice to facilitate high quality health and educational outcomes. We will be practitioners of choice in the community, recognized as experts in movement, function and health. As leaders we will embrace our social responsibility, promote humanistic care, and contribute to the profession's body of knowledge.

    The Gannon University Physical Therapy Program at Ruskin embraces the current APTA vision statement, "Physical therapists will transform society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience."  

     Physical Therapy Students in Class

    The DPT program at Ruskin professes to:

    • Provide physical therapy graduate education of the highest quality to develop generalist practitioners, while emphasizing faith, leadership, inclusiveness and social responsibility. 
    • Prepare global citizens engaged in the community, who are service oriented and meeting  the needs of society.
    • Engage in faculty community-based scholarship with the movement system at the core of  all avenues of inquiry. 

    Gannon University is a Catholic, Diocesan University with 90 years of rich tradition in academic excellence. This success has presented the opportunity to develop a second community-based DPT program at our Ruskin, Florida campus.  The Ruskin DPT curriculum is both innovative and personalized and begins each summer semester. The curriculum includes four full-time clinical education experiences for a total of 40 weeks of clinical experience. Students will also have the opportunity to travel for clinical education experiences. The curriculum includes 5 courses (Community Health Initiative I-V) that provides service learning experiences with a network of community partners. Opportunities to work with other professionals on community projects will be the norm. In addition, the Ruskin DPT students will work alongside faculty on clinical and community research projects.  Students will also be encouraged and supported to attend, participate and present research projects at national and state conferences. 

    Program Director: Richard W. Johnson, P.T., Ed.D.  | 813-658-4904 |

     DPT Lab

    What Makes Us Different

    • Leadership: Greater than 20 years of professional and academic experience
    • Laboratory Size: 10:1 Student-to-teacher ratio provides opportunities to work closely with faculty and peers on campus and in the community
    • Community Engagement: Students and faculty will embrace and strengthen the Ruskin, Florida community
    • Diverse Clinical Experiences: Presents opportunities to travel throughout the nation
    • Cutting Edge Technology: Students and faculty will utilize innovative equipment to develop highly-qualified clinicians 
    • Interprofessional Learning Opportunities: Promote collaboration amongst multiple disciplines and produce well-rounded leaders