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Aviation and Business Management

  • Associate of Science in Aviation & Business Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Aviation & Business Management
  • Erie, Pennsylvania
  • Take Off Toward Success with an Aviation & Business Management Degree from Gannon University

    Fuel your passion for the skies in an exhilarating academic program that blends the thrill of flying with essential business management courses. In partnership with Fundamentals Flight Training in Erie, Gannon’s program enables you to soar to new heights within the global and dynamic $150 billion aviation industry that employs more than 1.2 million people in the United States. You will be equipped to earn multiple Federal Aviation Administration licenses and navigate your career journey in numerous aviation and business roles such as pilots, airport operations and airline management.

    • arrows Earn three FAA licenses in just two years: Private Pilot, Instrument Rating & Commercial Pilot.
    • ABET: Engineering Accreditation Comission

      Take to the sky in your first semester at Fundamentals Flight Training in Erie, Pa.

    • degrees

      Become an FAA Certified Flight Instructor and earn a bachelor’s degree simultaneously, with no added time. 

    Learn to Lead the Way

    • Gain required aeronautics knowledge for private pilot, and instrument and commercial pilot ratings with enhanced proficiency in cross-country and night operations.
    • Master aviation principles for safe, professional operations while earning flight credentials, including flight instructor status.
    • Apply essential business theories, modern technologies, and effective communication skills for professional practice in aviation and business management.

    Experience an Exceptional Learning Environment

    • Receive business management instruction in Gannon’s Center for Business Ingenuity and hands-on flight training at Fundamentals Flight Training at Erie International Airport, just minutes from campus.
    • Learn from a “Distinguished Flight School in the Great Lakes Region” according to The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, the world’s largest aviation association.
    • Train to be a pilot using simulations and real flight experiences in four seasons of diverse weather along Erie’s northern waterfront location.

    Inspire Your Academic Success

    Gain relevant knowledge through key aviation and business management related courses including:

    Commercial Pilot Ground School: Gain a thorough, detailed understanding of airports, navigation, aircraft operation and performance, and more. Meet requirements of Federal Aviation Regulations part 141 and part 61 for commercial pilot certification and prerequisites for the FAA Commercial Pilot Airmen Knowledge Test.

    Commercial Pilot Flight Lab II: Prepare to take command of the airplane as a commercial pilot. Gain experience to meet FAA certification requirements for airplane category and single-engine land class ratings, emphasizing complex aircraft handling, specialty landings and takeoffs.

    Industrial Safety: Empower your workplace safety skills and dive into industrial hazard control with OSHA regulations, injury surveillance, system safety analysis and mitigation strategies for electrical, fire, machine and chemical hazards.

    Achieve the Possibilities

    Students will have ample practical application and training to confidently excel in a wide array of careers within the aviation industry. Our integrated flight training and business management curriculum empowers students to:

    • Replace up to 6 course credits (BS degree program) with co-op placement at Fundamentals Flight Training, where you'll train other students in ground school fundamentals.

    • Explore numerous flight and non-flight internships available worldwide to make an immediate impact on the job. 

      Meet industry demands: Degree-holding pilots are in high demand as major airlines project significant shortages, and overall aviation industry employment is anticipating growth through 2032.
    • Earn competitive wages: The median annual salary for airline and commercial pilots is $148,900 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    Additional Degree Options

    Fundamentals Flight Training

    Fundamentals Flight Training

    In partnership with Fundamentals Flight Training, Gannon offers both associate and bachelor’s degree options that will have students take to the sky within their first semester while exploring a variety of career pathways, including pilots, airport operations, airline management and more. Students will receive business management instruction from Gannon’s Dahlkemper School of Business and hands-on pilot training at Fundamentals Flight Training at Erie International Airport, just minutes from campus.

    Fundamentals Flight Training provides the Erie region with safe, affordable FAA-approved Part 141 and Part 61 flight training using seven training airplanes, including Northwest Pennsylvania’s only multi-engine training aircraft. With state-of-the-art simulations and real-flight experiences, students will navigate diverse weather conditions along Erie's northern waterfront, gaining invaluable skills and expertise. 

    For additional fees associated with flight training and certifications, please see Additional Flight Training Costs.

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