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Healthcare Administration

  • Accelerated
  • Master of Healthcare Administration
  • Erie, Pennsylvania
  • Online
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  • MHA and Online MBA Virtual Information Session

    Gannon University's Dahlkemper School of Business invites interested students to join Dr. Rick Stachel, Online MBA and Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) Program Director, to join him for a virtual information session to discuss enrollment procedures, curriculum, and program outcomes. Please register for the date and time that works best for your schedule. We look forwarded to meeting with you!

  • Healthcare administration has been impacted around the world by seismic, global shifts including: management of and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, advances in medical science, an explosion of health-related technologies and data, a focus on disease prevention and well-being, and the rise of the healthcare consumer (Deloitte).

    The Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) degree, which is STEM-designated, was developed to meet the needs of evolving healthcare systems around the world through flexible, student-choice instruction. Students decide what works best with their schedules and learning preferences. They can take course work in the classroom or online. Even online students can complete the coursework independently or blend in weekly enrichment sessions through video conferencing. The 36-credit program can be completed part-time in two years or full-time in one.  All courses are offered in seven-week increments. The dynamic curriculum is taught by leading healthcare professionals. All are experienced managers, and many are currently high-level professionals in healthcare organizations.

    Career opportunities abound for capable, highly-skilled healthcare managers.  More than 100,000 people serve in the field, from middle management to CEO level. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the role of healthcare managers will grow 32% through 2029.

    There are very few careers more dynamic than healthcare administration.  Management opportunities and challenges continue to evolve to make this field demanding and rewarding for highly-motivated people with excellent interpersonal-communication skills.

    Health administrators work in numerous settings, including:

    • Hospitals and health systems
    • Ambulatory care facilities
    • Physician-based practices
    • Long-term care facilities
    • Community health agencies
    • Managed care organizations

    Program Director:
    Rick Stachel, DSc, MBA

    Schedule a 1:1 Virtual Information Session here

    Key Components

    • Student-Choice Format. Students can take instruction in the classroom, entirely online, or online students can attend as many weekly enrichment sessions as they like through video conferencing.
    • Project-Based Learning that allows students to develop necessary skills and competencies through true-to-life class activities and projects in lieu of exams.
    • Taught by Gannon faculty and guest faculty composed of distinguished, recognized healthcare executives and leaders.
    • STEM designated.
    • Less use of textbooks and more use of Open Educational Resources (OERs)
    • 77% Graduation rate as of August 2023
    • 73% Placement rate for all graduates of August 2023

    Program Objectives

    The Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) degree is designed for career-oriented individuals who want to help shape the direction of healthcare organizations. Students will be sought who bring both a business mind and a commitment to take care of the enterprise, its patients and families and its employees.  Our students will be provided with the education, tools and resources to help them gain employment in the full continuum of healthcare including hospitals, physician practices, long-term care settings and public health, research and consultant organizations.

    Student Choice Format

    Gannon MHA students are working professionals or recent college graduates who want to advance their career opportunities in healthcare organizations. Students choose whether they want to take coursework in the classroom or online. Even online students have the option of completing the program independently or join colleagues and instructors in weekly video conferencing.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the skills, terminology and professional conduct necessary to align with positions into which the students enter.
  2. Understand, demonstrate and speak to the essential elements in the development, understanding and execution of the mission of a healthcare organization.
  3. Be able to effectively communicate to both healthcare professional and nonprofessional audiences.
  4. Be able to raise vital questions and formulate them clearly; gather and assess relevant information using abstract ideas and think critically.
  5. Demonstrate professional ethics and competences.

Maura Chrostowski MHA Program

  • Student: Jestin Carlson, M.D.

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